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Kaspersky Announces Anti-Phishing Browser
Cyber security specialist, Kaspersky Labs, have just announced ‘Safe Browser’ for Windows Phone.  Kaspersky announced the launch at MWC this week.  The browser is an alternative to Internet Explorer, which protects against phishing attacks.  It does this by automatically blocking dangerous links. The browser is available now on the Windows Phone Store... Read more
New Android Malware Can Re-install Itself
We all know that Android is the world’s most popular smartphone operating system.  Unfortunately it follows suit then, that criminals would develop some of the most harmful malware created for use on that platform. A program called Android.Oldboot represents the first-ever Android bootkit: a Trojan that can reinstall itself... Read more
Forget About Passwords…How About Passwatches & Passrings?
If you’re a person who is tired of having to remember password after password, there may be good news on the horizon for you. Anymore, it seems as if there is a password (or multiple passwords) for everything. After a while, all of those different passwords can get ridiculously... Read more
Netflix Relies On Pirates To Determine Show Offerings
Netflix has let the cat out of the bag. The leading streaming service has admitted to keeping tabs on piracy sites in order to determine which shows it should spend its money on – which shows to purchase and make available legally to their customers. You don’t really need... Read more
Leap Motion Security App Hacked
The new and innovative gesture control gadget, Leap Motion, which has just been released to the public three weeks ago, has already had more than a million app downloads, may have to check some of those programs security levels. A security team at Malwarebytes have already discovered how to... Read more
32% of PCs Infected with Malware
Protect yourself, why? We are always told to protect ourselves against viruses and rogue programs and be careful what emails we open, etc, etc, etc, but it begs the question, why? What harm can it do? We should all be aware of and know how to protect ourselves from... Read more
Guide to Setting up A VPN in Windows 7
It’s probably a good idea for you to consider getting yourself a Virtual Private Network (VPN) setup when you find yourself connecting to free wireless hotspots on a regular basis. With a VPN, you will have a free and protected tunnel through the Internet. Your data will be safe... Read more
Smartphone Apps Can Steal Credit Card Data
We worry all the time about credit card fraud and that someone will gain access to our bank accounts and steal everything we have. And for a good reason too: Charlie Miller, a security researcher demonstrated at The Black Hat conference in Las Vegas how to steal credit card data,... Read more
Always-on Xbox Console Controversy Swirls
Ever since it was rumored that Microsoft’s next Xbox console will have an always online requirement, the Internet has been abuzz with controversy. The gaming industry is largely split between those who reject the idea and those who believe audiences are ready for always-on consoles. Will the so-called Xbox... Read more
WordPress Facing Massive Botnet Attack
More than 90,000 WordPress sites have been affected by a massive hacker attack that could aim at creating the biggest, most aggressive botnet ever seen. The attack is based on brute force attempts to guess the password, according to several web hosting services that reported the threat. The source... Read more
Passthoughts – Replace Passwords with Brainwaves
In a world where almost everything about our lives, from personal information to financial data, is on the internet, the need for strong online security is ever greater. We all know that no password is unbreakable, no matter how secure. UC Berkely School of Information researchers have come up... Read more
How to Tell You’re Getting Scammed on the Internet
It’s a fact that most people believe that they would never fall prey to an internet scam.  While we have all heard tales of people being scammed, most of us believe that it couldn’t happen to us.  Though many of the tricks of the trade for internet scam artists... Read more
35% Of Google Android Apps Steal User Data In China
The Data Center of China Internet (DCCI) is warning users that almost 35 percent of Android apps downloaded in the country secretly steal user data. The organization says the apps perform data searches that are not mentioned in their functionality. The DCCI examined 1,400 apps that were downloaded from... Read more
Passboard: A Password You Can Wear
There is a hugely growing market for password management.  For many, the increasing amount of options for managing passwords has come as a welcome relief, as many people must rely on multiple variations of passwords for each online service. Keeping track of all of your passwords can be a... Read more
PlayStation 4 Privacy Settings: Real Names Might Be Required
The PlayStation 4 announcement day has come and gone, and what have we gotten from it? More anticipation for the next generation console, if nothing else. We have high hopes that the PlayStation 4 will be affordable. We know it’s going to be much more powerful, and we know... Read more
Facebook Hit in ‘Sophisticated’ Attack
Facebook has revealed it was targeted by hackers last month, but says user data was not compromised. The social media network says its security systems were targeted in a ‘sophisticated’ attack when a handful of employees visited a mobile developer website.   The compromised website hosted an exploit which... Read more
How to Deal With a Social Media Hoax
Due to social networking and the internet, many people have become citizen journalists, sometimes given first-hand accounts of stories and offering perspectives that many mainstream journalist’s cannot.   This is revolutionary in today’s day and age of instant news broadcast and information, but does have its drawbacks.  Citizen journalism does... Read more
Twitter Attacked By Hackers
Social media giant Twitter is the latest victim of an internet security attack. The San Francisco-based company now joins the likes of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, which have also reported breaches of their systems within the last two weeks. ‘Unusual access patterns’ were detected by... Read more