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The Best Password Generators
Why is it that every time you have to make a password your mind goes blank? People tend to gravitate toward using the same passwords over and over again.  Often, they aren’t as secure as you might think. Experts recommend using different passwords for each service you use on... Read more
Antivirus Software to Protect Today’s Gadgets
Anti-Virus protection is important no matter what type device you are using. Despite what you may have heard, smartphones and tablets also need protection from viruses and malware. So it’s important to make sure that you have the right kind of anti-virus protection for your device. Several companies offer... Read more
DeleteMeMobile App – Hide Personal Information
Many people are concerned about internet privacy.  Reducing the vast amounts of information about you on the internet can be a daunting task, and most people wouldn’t even know where to start.  Now, perhaps ironically, there’s an app for that.  It’s called DeleteMeMobile, and it recently launched for iOS... Read more
Microsoft Security Essentials Fails AV Certification Test
Microsoft Security Essentials has failed to earn certification from AV-Test – the independent German institute best known for evaluating the effectiveness of antivirus software. During November and December 2012, a team from AV-Test continuously evaluated 25 home user security products using their default settings. The review focused on the... Read more
SkypeHide: Keeping Skype Confidential
Secret messages, covert channels and hidden information may sound like something from the Bourne Ultimatum film, but it is also part of an alleged new offering from Skype. If Skype, which allows users to communicate via microphone, webcam, instant messaging and phone calls, goes ahead with the newfangled concept,... Read more
How to Protect Young Kids Online
It’s important to protect kids when they are online.  Even a few simple steps can protect the safety and privacy of your children.  Preventative measures for parents fall primarily into two categories: technological and behavioural.   Technological Protection It’s up to you to decide what your child is and isn’t... Read more
Security Checklist for Smartphones from the FCC
The FCC has created a website to help users make their smartphones safer.  This allows users to feel more secure about what they do on their phones and to find ways to protect their private data.   The website lists multiple operating systems along with general actions for any... Read more
Malware Attacks Point-of-Sale Systems
A kind of malware is attacking point-of-sale systems rather than personal computers or devices.  It has hit retailers, hotel chains, restaurants, and other businesses.   Named “Dexter” by those who discovered the malware, the attacks have been discovered in 40 countries.  While this is not the first time that... Read more
Cyber Criminals Target SmartPhones
Cyber criminals who are experts at hijacking computers with viruses and malware are looking elsewhere for their next efforts.  They see major potential with your smartphone.   Computer users have learned how to protect their devices with the latest anti-virus software and using strong passwords.  However, not everyone is... Read more
Avast Donates Anti-Virus Software to Schools
While users can get the basic Avast anti-virus software for free, they have to pay for the premium version. However, the Prague company is giving the premium product away to schools. The software can protect schools from hackers and viruses that can damage entire systems. Avast is making it... Read more
How to Protect Yourself from Cybercriminals
Black Friday began the busiest shopping season of the year. Then comes Cyber Monday when the online deals get crazy and everyone shops on their laptop, tablet, or smart phone. This is prime time for criminals who want to hack into accounts and steal identities because more people are sharing... Read more
2012’s Worst Computer Viruses and Malware
2012 was the year of the computer virus thanks to cyber warfare being encountered at the international level and hacktivists groups such as LulzSec and Anonymous attacking websites on a daily basis. With computer viruses and malware on the rise we take a look at three of 2012’s worst... Read more
The Best Smartphone Security Apps
Smartphone security apps were once thought to be a luxury not needed by most mobile users. As smartphone use has continued to grow at a rapid rate so too has the number of mobile viruses. Whether you’re operating an Apple iOS device or the newest Google Android smartphone the download... Read more
Top Tips For Keeping Your Passwords Safe
Not a day goes by when we don’t hear about yet another website being hacked and personal passwords being culled by hackers, only to be released online for the masses to view. Because password security has become such a major issue we have created some top tips for keeping... Read more