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Twitter Tweets Every User To Change Password
Some 330 million users urged to change passwords after apparent bug left data in plain site. In a series of tweets and a blog Twitter announced that due to a software glitch, millions of Twitter users passwords had been stored in plain text files without any encryption. The good news... Read more
Cambridge Analytica Closes Doors After Facebook Data Harvesting Scandal
The data gathering firm at the epicenter of Facebook privacy row has closed its offices and started insolvency proceedings. Cambridge Analytica, has announced in a statement it is closing its business down after fighting months of accusations that it improperly obtained the personal information of thousands of Facebook users... Read more
Avast SecureLine review: Totally Secure VPN With Total Privacy Powered By AI
Stop worrying about hackers on public Wi-Fi, advertisers tracking everything you do online, and content blocks whenever you’re in the ‘wrong country’. Enjoy the internet your way, with Avast SecureLine. In short, Avast SecureLine is one of the best reasonably priced options out there for anyone considering using a VPN... Read more
Humans Are The Weakest Link In Tech
Curiosity and trust prove to be our downfall online.  In an era of record-setting numbers of data breaches, hacking events, and compromised consumer records, it’s easy to blame the technology for letting us down. But a new report sheds a little light on the real problem in cybersecurity: human... Read more
Orangeworm Attacks Vulnerable Medical Industry
Hacker group’s activity first picked up by Symantec cybersecurity. When patients think of cutting edge medical innovation, things like the Leonardo camera-guided robotic surgery come to mind, or the ability to send a capsule-sized camera through the digestive tract to diagnose potentially life-threatening medical conditions. Most people probably aren’t... Read more
CRAs Add New Tools To Fight Identity Theft
Credit reference agencies respond to data breaches with new software and tech.  Last year, one of the three major US credit reporting agencies experienced a data breach that compromised the complete identities of more than 145 million people worldwide. Interestingly, not only were the victims not informed in a... Read more
Password Hashing An Issue For MyFitnessPal Breach
Hack exposed 150 million users’ accounts, but could have been much worse. As data breaches go, a company and the victims are lucky if only a couple million accounts were stolen, or if the data was nothing more than passwords and some birth dates. Recent large-scale events have included... Read more
Hackers Hit US With New Tax Scam
Latest in record-setting number of data breaches and hacking events. The April tax filing deadline is here for US consumers, and that generally means one thing. No, not a panicked, last-minute line at the post office to get that important postmark date (although that certainly happens), but rather an... Read more
EU Knows Facebook Has A Privacy Problem
Upcoming GDPR rules mean data compliance will be mandatory.  In the digital age, information is the new hot-ticket currency. Often, companies, third-parties, and even cybercriminals would rather get their hands on users’ data than money, since the potential payoff from having access to sensitive information could be exponentially higher... Read more
Scammers Up Their Robocall Game
Tips published on how to stop annoying robocalls on your iPhone or Android phone. Annoying robocalls are the bane of cellular users’ existence, at least in the US where the Federal Trade Commission receives almost 400,000 complaint reports every month. Despite initiatives like the national Do Not Call list... Read more
Girl Scouts To Become Cybersecurity Experts With New Badges
Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and Palo Alto Networks announce collaboration for first-ever national cybersecurity badges. Girl Scouts of the USA are set to become experts who will be capable of taking future cybersecurity challenges head-on, thanks to the first-ever set of National Cybersecurity badges for girls in grades... Read more
US Supreme Court Set To Rule Against Microsoft In EU Email Privacy Case
Supreme Court appears unconvinced of Microsoft’s defence for non-disclosure of EU stored data. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) and tech giant Microsoft have been embroiled in, an at times, bitter legal dispute over access to data (mostly emails) stored in data centres overseas, in this case, the European... Read more
Amazon Identity Theft Money Laundering Scheme
Scammers used stolen credentials to publish and sell books. Identity theft can take on many different forms, depending on what the criminal does with the information. Someone’s stolen credentials could be used to open a new credit card, make a large purchase, seek medical care, or even get a... Read more
Cryptocurrency WannaMine Attacks On The Rise
Anyone can be infected by mine hackers, so it’s important to upgrade your AV protection to include a block against WannaMine and similar threats. Another day, another headline about the cryptocurrency craze… If anyone else is starting to feel like cryptocurrency is just a giant game of Farmville where... Read more
Dodgy Downloads – What to Look Out For
Protect yourself from dubious downloads with our handy guide to staying safe online.  The internet’s great, isn’t it? Infinite variety and everything you want is just a click away – what’s not to love?! Well, as many of us have experience first hand, sadly all that glitters is not... Read more
Data-Stealing Malware ‘Traced To Lebanon’
Researchers claim malware that exploits security bugs has been traced back to a Lebanese government building. The malware, responsible for infecting thousands of smartphones across the world, was uncovered by campaign group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in conjunction with security firm, LookOut. The malware mainly affected Android smartphones... Read more
Children’s Apps Found To Be Filled With Porn Malware
Malware displaying pornographic ads discovered in game apps on Google Play. Be careful what you download, especially if you’re planning to hand it off to an impressionable young user. A new finding of content in the Google Play Store includes around 60 children’s apps that are filled with malware.... Read more
A Beginner’s Guide To Malware, Viruses, And Spyware Online
It can be difficult to know which way to turn when it comes to online security. Learn about viruses, spyware and malware removal as we demystify digital threats. Online security is a massive concern for organisations and individuals alike, and software which can prevent viruses, or help with malware... Read more