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Protecting Your New Tech In The New Year
Christmas often means a whole lot of new tech to enjoy, and that unfortunately means a whole lot of new security concerns as well. With the Christmas and New Year celebrations now becoming a rapidly-fading memory, the return to real life has come into sharp focus. However, still having... Read more
Five Great VPN Services To Download For Free Today
Online privacy is a bigger concern today than ever before. Find out why VPNs can help, plus our five great VPN recommendations. The need for greater online privacy is leading many people to start using a virtual private network (VPN) when browsing the internet. However, it can be tricky... Read more
Your AV Might Be Spying On You
Report shows why using a quality antivirus is vital. The past year has seen hacking events and accusations of unheard of proportions, everything from possible interference in foreign elections to hacking the CIA. It was a year in which Kaspersky Lab came under a lot of attack, even to... Read more
French Privacy Watchdog Gives WhatsApp One Month to Stop Facebook data sharing
France’s Privacy Regulator questions legality of WhatsApp transferring data to Facebook. France’s privacy watchdog, CNIL, has formally issued notice to WhatsApp, requesting that the popular mobile messaging app to stop sharing collected user data with its parent company, Facebook, within a month. If WhatsApp fails to co-operate with CNIL, and... Read more
New Amazon S3 Breach Exposes Every US Household
Massive data breach caused by unsecured AWS S3 cloud server. Amazon Web Services hosts database servers for a wide variety of clients, but someone might need to take a look at the instruction manual. Once again, another company’s data has been accessed via an unsecured S3 server, and this... Read more
Kaspersky Lab Sues US Government Over Federal Ban
Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based antivirus firm, is suing the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in response to being banned from use by US Federal Agencies.   The Russian-based security software company said in an open letter, that it has been made to suffer unfairly as a result of the ban. The legal action... Read more
Trump Officially Bans Kaspersky For US Federal Use
After months of speculation, Donald Trump signs new legislation that officially bans the use of Kaspersky Lab products within any part of the US government.  By signing the new defence spending bill into law, the President has purged the Moscow-based antivirus firm from any and all federal agencies amid growing concerns it was vulnerable to Kremlin influence, despite the company’s continual denials.  “Considering the grave... Read more
A Day In The Life Of An Anti-Virus Threat Tracker
With all the recent cyber-attacks, from WannaCry, to NotPetya and Bad Rabbit, you were likely left wondering… What do you ACTUALLY get when you buy antivirus? And how does it work exactly? To shed some light on these questions, David Fiser, a threat lab analyst at Prague-based cyber security... Read more
Classified Pentagon Data Fully Accessible In Public Cloud
Classified data from a joint program run by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the US Army has been found online and may have been accessible for years, say researchers. According to new research published by Cybersecurity firm UpGuard, around 100GB of data from a now redundant and failed... Read more
Google Faces UK Lawsuit Over Privacy
Action sought over alleged snooping on iPhone users. In the digital age, there are a few universal truths: nothing is ever deleted from the internet, and nothing is truly private. Even with the strictest security settings, every available tech tool, and the best of intentions, someone out there can... Read more
Hotspot Shield – The Versatile Internet Security And Privacy Solution
We review Hotspot Shield VPN – a great tool in the battle for online security and anonymity. If you haven’t downloaded and installed a quality virtual private network (VPN), you might want to get started on that today. The internet is all a-buzz (at least on the US side... Read more
Uber Paid Hacker Ransom And Hid Data Breach
Massive breach affected 50 million users of the ride hailing app.  Uber has admitted that it paid hackers $100,000 and then concealed a security breach over stolen data that affected 50 million customers and 7 million drivers. It paid out on the condition that the cybercriminals would delete the... Read more
Beware Connected Toys This Holiday Season
‘Almost anyone’ can hack IoT childrens’ toys, says report. The holiday shopping season creeps back earlier and earlier each year, with major retailers already reaching out to customers as much as a month ago to advertise seasonal deals and specials. Each year, one of the ongoing holiday headaches involves... Read more
Move Over, WannaCry, Bad Rabbit Is Here
Game of Thrones-referencing ransomware strikes Ukraine and Russia. The latest strain of ransomware is taking down systems across Russia and the Ukraine, apparently targeting large websites and mass transit systems such as the Odessa airport and the Kiev metro. Dubbed Bad Rabbit, its basic method is much like other... Read more
Accenture Exposes Data Through Unsecured AWS
Yet another huge security gaffe by a massive company. There’s a growing list of companies that are accidentally exposing their goods to the entire internet, thanks to their blind reliance on Amazon’s S3 web hosting service. The latest company to fall victim to a “data overexposure” (the nice, friendly... Read more
What’s Going On With Kaspersky Hacking Allegations?
Answer still not clear, as case produces claim and counter claim. The Kaspersky AV-Russian Hacking saga is taking different twists and turns, and it doesn’t seem like a clear answer is on the horizon. Last month, the US Senate voted to bar Kaspersky Lab products from military and civilian... Read more
Millions Of Pornhub Users Targeted By Year Long Global Malvertising Attack
Users in the US, UK, Canada and Australia were systematically targeted by a malware advertising campaign, according to a report released by Information Security firm, ProofPoint. Known as ‘malvertising,’ the attack by malware group KovCoreG tricked users of the world’s most popular porn site, Pornhub, into installing fake browser updates... Read more
Avast launch 2018 antivirus software range
Protect your PC from viruses, ransomware, hacking and much more. Avast has launched its 2018 antivirus software range, which features a host of updates to its line of popular products, including Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Internet Security, Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Premier, and Avast Ultimate.  As you’d expect, all products block... Read more