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Top 10 Project Management And Collaboration Apps
Organise teams, deliver great projects and nail work flows with these brilliant apps.  Whether you work on your own, in a small team, or as part of a large organisation, project management and collaboration apps can make a massive difference in helping to make things run smoothly, efficiently, and on time.... Read more
Reviewed: Advanced IP Scanner 2.5 By Famatech
New and improved Advanced IP Scanner 2.5 proves to be an even more accurate network scanner and useful management tool than before. While Advanced IP Scanner 2.5 is still primarily a network scanner, it also comes packed with plenty of useful network management tools making it a real contender... Read more
Top 10 Best Free Media Players
Enjoy music, movies, TV shows and streaming, like never before. Yes, your PC or Mac has a built-in media player, but there are a whole lot of alternative free media players out there that will take your enjoyment to the next level. The right media player helps you enjoy... Read more
Advanced IP Scanner 2.5 launched
Famatech releases new version of its popular free network scanner. The latest version of Advanced IP Scanner, the popular network scanning software published by Famatech, has been released. Promising improvements in functionality and convenience, the updated program allows users to find all devices on a network in seconds. Key... Read more
Baidu Spark Browser: Fast, Free, Easy To Use And Good Looking
A fast and intuitive Chromium-based web browser with cool features and lots of nice touches. Baidu Spark Browser is a worthy alternative to the likes of Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, or even, dare I say it, Microsoft’s Edge. It’s also completely free. The learning curve for new users of Baidu is thankfully... Read more
Top 5 Free VPNs
Increase online privacy and cover your tracks with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you value your online privacy, security, and want to keep potential snoopers at bay, then a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is exactly the piece of software you need. They work by creating a private internet... Read more
Tor Browser: Private And Anonymous Browsing Made Simple
Easy to use software for online privacy, anonymity and security. Tor Browser is perhaps the single most accessible piece of software you can use to keep your online activities private and anonymous, while at the same time enhancing your security. It’s also incredibly easy to use, using as it does, a... Read more
Top 5 Best Free Photo Editors
Transform your pictures with these great free image editors. Whether you’re addicted to taking quick pics on your mobile phone, or are a DSLR purist, in pursuit of the perfect photograph, your images can look even better with this line-up of fantastic free photo editing software. Features that used... Read more
Improve Your Cybersecurity With IObit Malware Fighter 5
We review the latest release from IObit, Malware Fighter 5. New data has shown that ransomware attacks, specifically ones that target certain industries, are on the rise. Hospitals and medical centers were highly sought after targets due to the fact that many organizations chose to pay the ransom rather... Read more
PDFelement 6 offers powerful editing features, great design and ease of use
Transform your old static Office forms into interactive PDF forms with PDFelement 6 Professional for Windows and Mac. Despite startling innovations in form technology, many businesses still rely on static electronic or paper forms for their applications, questionnaires or surveys. Often created with Excel or Word, these simple forms... Read more
Best Free Data Recovery Software
Lost or deleted files or data? You need our Top 5 free file recovery tools. Whether it’s due to a virus, hardware failure, or just good old human error, it’s all too easy to lose vital files. That critical report you’ve got to deliver tomorrow; the huge end of year... Read more
Top 5 Best Free Programs To Speed Up Your PC
Tune up your Windows PC with these five great system optimization programs. You buy your new PC and the love affair begins… It’s so fast! With so much memory! This relationship will never go bad! But alas, over time, the shine wears off and your amazing new super-computer starts to slow down.... Read more
Unblock-Us: Smart DNS And VPN For The Masses?
As you’ve probably guessed from the name, Unblock-Us is all about being able to access websites and surf the net by bypassing geographically imposed restrictions on what you can and can’t view. Essentially, it’s a Smart DNS (Domain Name System) service, that allows you to virtually reside in another... Read more
Top 5 Alternative Browsers
For many, the web browsers pre-loaded onto our PCs and Macs are perfectly fine. They do everything we need, and after all, they’re the ones recommended by the manufacturers, right? Well, an increasing number of users are turning their backs on the pre-installed choices of Microsoft and Apple, instead... Read more
System Mechanic – The Essential PC Performance Package
We review iolo Technology’s PC tune-up software. If your PC isn’t running like it used to, it might be time for a tune-up. Unlike your car, though, iolo has a DIY tool for the more experienced user that will let you optimize your booting and application speeds, thwart some... Read more
Secure your PC, Mac, or mobile device with Norton WiFi Privacy
Take charge of your public Wi-Fi security and privacy with Norton WiFi Privacy. If you’re not using a VPN when you connect over public Wi-Fi, you’re simply playing with fire. (If you’re not using a VPN even when you connect over your own network, you might also be playing... Read more
Top 5 Award Winning Antivirus
Antivirus software. We all know we should have it, right? But there’s a mind-boggling choice available and it’s hard to know what features you really need. So we’ve put together our Top 5 award-wining antivirus to help you pick the right one for you. There’s a mix of free... Read more
Record your PC desktop with Gom Cam
Reviewed: the desktop video capture software packed with useful features. Gom Cam is a nifty piece of software that allows you to record your PC screen exactly as it appears, well… on your screen. Gom Cam can also record all the audio outputs from you PC or laptop, making it the... Read more