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Google’s Conversation AI To Stop Online Bullying
Don’t read the comments…don’t read the comments…don’t read the comments… It’s become the mantra of every sane internet user, but too many of us can’t help but look. Whether it’s nasty remarks on a YouTube video, a tweetstorm on social media, or any of the millions of hate-filled, rhetoric-laced... Read more
President Obama on AI: Great Hopes And Great Concerns For The Future
He also likes Star Trek, and says it does influence his world view. As both guest Editor-In-Chief and interviewee in this month’s edition of Wired magazine, Obama has outlined both optimism and cynicism about the future of technology, its impact on the world at large, and the growth of... Read more
The Changing Face Of Facial Recognition
Facial recognition software is the eerie stuff of Hollywood cyberthrillers, and interestingly, it always seems to be the “good guys” who are using it badly. The rogue hero somehow manages to thwart their efforts by ducking and weaving through a crowded metro station while the suddenly inept cops can’t... Read more
Google’s Hardware Event
Google has made a fairly successful leap from powering a search engine to digitizing ancient texts to self-driving cars, but there are still a few more hardware tricks up the company’s sleeve, some of which will be unleashed this week at a tech event. Expected to make an appearance... Read more
AI Is Everywhere, But Is It A Good Thing?
From toothbrushes that sense your general oral health to refrigerators that learn how much milk is left for your next cup of coffee, AI is everywhere. It’s the hot topic buzzword that’s working its way into every sector of society, from the bathroom to the boardroom. It’s become an... Read more
AI Just Became More Human

AI Just Became More Human

News September 14, 2016

The first really great “bad” computer voice had to be Joshua from War Games (1983). Before that, actors dubbing voice over spouted nasally, monotone lines (“Danger, Will Robinson!”) to make audiences believe they were programmed, but Joshua had all the right pieces: sometimes monotone, sometimes the slightest of inflections,... Read more
Apple’s Latest AI Acquisition
There’s no shortage of companies–Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more, who are providing a less-than-sci-fi-movie quality experience with AI. While the days of walking into your house and being welcomed by Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey haven’t quite panned out the way future-forward thinkers have envisioned. We have... Read more
Alpha, The AI Combat Pilot, Beats Human Pilot Comprehensively
An AI combat jet pilot system known as Alpha, has shown that, in simulations, at least, it can repeatedly beat not only other computer controlled simulated fighter jets, but also ones piloted by humans… I wont lie. I am seriously minded to say something about Skynet here, but I... Read more
AI And The Power Of Analogy
Teaching Artificial Intelligence to reason, learn like humans, and grow a conscience may be done best by using the power of analogy. At least that’s according to new research currently being undertaken by Ken Forbus at North-western University. Is this how Skynet starts? Probably not, but it could be... Read more
Experimental AI Successfully Replaces Physicists In Experiment
A machine powered by Artificial Intelligence, AI, has successfully managed to replicate and run a complicated Nobel prize winning experiment, all by itself. The experiment, ironically developed by physicists working at the Australian National University, ANU, was an attempt to see how well, an AI controlled machine could be... Read more
Microsoft Formally Apologizes For Tay, It’s Offensive Teenage Chatbot
Tech company, Microsoft, has apologized on behalf of its wayward child, and said it is “deeply sorry” for the offensively racist and sexist Twitter messages that Tay, its experimental AI teenager chatbot delivered last week. The apology comes after Tay’s first 24 hours of freedom online last week saw... Read more
Microsoft Terminates Tay AI Chatbot After Tweets About Hitler
No, really, it did….Tay is an AI chat bot developed by Microsoft with the aim of interacting with the millennial 18-24 age group. It’s developers quickly learned however that social media and open access to the internet might not have been the best learning environment for its creation. Within... Read more
Recent News Puts AI In The Spotlight
While the collective tech world was agog at the recent Go championship match between a world master and Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo software, other AI innovations have quietly been making waves of their own. It might not be as flashy as a computer beating a human champion in four of... Read more
AI experimentation heads to Minecraft.
Microsoft, owner of the evergreen popular video game, Minecraft, have announced the news that pro computer scientists and casual amateurs will now be able to help evaluate and develop Artificial Intelligence software by simply playing the game. The aim of the AI project, known as AIX, will be to... Read more
Man vs Machine: Sedol Finally Beats Google’s AlphaGo
It took four matches, but a human has finally done what many experts first thought was a certainty, then fairly impossible, and now mind-boggling: world champion Lee Sedol has finally beaten Google’s AI software AlphaGo in the ancient Chinese strategy game Go. In the five-match scheduled event, the first... Read more
Game-Changing Victory For Google’s AI Software
Google’s DeepMind division has pulled off an unforeseen victory that goes far beyond the rules and strategies of any game. Its AI software AlphaGo, which made headlines for its pending match-up against the reigning world champion of the ancient Chinese strategy game Go, has now defeated its human opponent... Read more
Can AI Solve Global Problems? IBM, TED, And $5m X-Prize Hope So
In 2020, 3 speakers will go on stage to deliver a TED talk and vie to win a $5,000,000 prize. There’s a catch however. The speakers won’t be human. Instead, the X-Prize hopefuls will have to share a unique similarity; they will have to be AI. The finalists will all... Read more
Google Thinks Its AI Software Can Beat The Best
Computer’s have come a long way since Pong, and an even longer way since the early chess programs with their lo-res graphics and monochromatic color schemes that made game play difficult. But the term “playing against the computer” hasn’t had this much importance since chessmaster Kasperov lost to IBM’s... Read more