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Third-Parties Can Now Control Google Assistant
Google allows its Assistant voice commands to be customized. Fans of Google’s in-home virtual assistant will be impressed with a new feature that will allow the Assistant device to interact better with smart devices. Thanks to the new functionality, users can tell their devices to follow commands that operate things... Read more
AI Proves Faster And More Accurate Than Best Human Lawyers
Tech beats people in study by AI platform and law experts. A new study conducted by legal AI platform LawGeex in conjunction with law experts from prestigious universities across the USA threw experienced lawyers against a specialist type of AI trained to evaluate legal contracts, and humanity lost.  The landmark... Read more
Google To Open Chinese AI Research Lab In China
Artificial Iintelligence (AI) centre to open despite the fact that its search services remain blocked in the country after the best part of a decade. The subsidiary of Alphabet will build the new AI research facility in the city of Shanghai. The project is to be headed up Fei-Fei... Read more
Google’s AlphaZero AI Beats World’s Best Chess Software
AlphaZero artificial intelligence software triumphed at chess against the world’s best chess program after amassing all human knowledge of the game in just four hours. Google researchers have published a paper in which they detail how their latest AI evolution, AlphaZero, managed to display a “superhuman performance” in chess, taking just four hours to learn... Read more
‘Manuscript Writer’ AI Uses Machine Learning To Draft Science Papers
Could Manuscript Writer software lead to plagiarism and non-transparency? “Manuscript Writer”, a newly released piece of software released by sciNote claims it can save scientists and researchers time, by eliminating the tedium and boredom and the tedium of pulling together research data, findings and methodologies by using artificial intelligence... Read more
Amazon Launches German AI Lab
Artificial Intelligence hub will be based in TĂŒbingen, near the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems’ campus. Machine learning research just got an unlikely ally in Amazon, who announced the construction of its German-based AI lab this week, one that will add about 100 further highly-skilled engineering jobs over... Read more
New AI Advances In The Fight Against Breast Cancer
Artificial Intelligence harnessed to improve healthcare. When it comes to devastating illness, there’s no technology too far fetched or out of reach. Thanks to unparalleled fundraising efforts to fuel research, the war against breast cancer has a new ally: machine learning. The AI capability to predict whether or not... Read more
AI A Bigger Threat Than North Korea Says Elon Musk
Tesla and SpaceX boss says Artificial Intelligence (AI) could lead to third world war. Billionaire and serial entrepreneur, Elon Musk, has warned that the most probable result of an international military artificial intelligence race is more likely to cause World War III than any real conceivable conventional threat such... Read more
The Robot Will See You Now: AI Doctor App Takes Next Step
Babylon Health app aims to help machines and medics co-operate, not compete. Regardless of location, political system, or government oversight, healthcare systems around the world are in a state of crisis. The US is deeply entrenched in a political give-and-take during which everyday citizens’ healthcare costs are the gambling... Read more
Most Artificial Intelligence Exhibits Gender And Racial Bias, Claims New Research 
Study published in the journal, Science, claims AI displays biases for racial and gender stereotyping. As AI and the algorithms that control it continue to become part of our everyday lives, there is growing evidence that the data sets and input stimulus it uses to train itself and grow do not... Read more
Google Invests Heavily In Canada For AI Lab
Google Brain setting sights on ever-increasing tech talent pool in Toronto. AI has been a longtime dream that is finally coming into its own, thanks largely to 21st century computer innovations and a better understanding of how the human brain works. The bygone era of “what if” 1960s and beyond... Read more
Ford Pledges $1bn For AI Start-Up
Investment in Argo hopes to see autonomous vehicles on the road by 2021. The Ford motor company has  announced that it’s to invest $1 billion in the next five years to artificial intelligence (A.I.) startup Argo. The company was created by former Google and Uber employees. Ford is hoping to... Read more
Is It Bach, Or Sony’s AI?
If you want your kid to do well in math, experts have long said that studying music may be the way to go. A new artificial intelligence (AI) project from Sony’s Computer Science Laboratories has produced results that pretty much prove the connection between some styles of classical music... Read more
IBM’s Watson AI To Replace 34 Employees At Japanese Company
While the dust still settles on a White House report that warns about the future implications Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have on the US and global economy, one Japanese firm has announced that it will be replacing around 30% of its workforce with IBM’s AI, Watson. The Fukoku Mutual... Read more
Google AI Accidentally Created Its Own Language
Google Translate is the bane of every first-year foreign language student’s existence. On the surface, signing up to take Mandarin seemed like a good idea thanks to the handy dandy web tool that would put the answers at their fingertips, but the end result – while far better than... Read more
Todoist Productivity App Adds AI Features
There are is shortage of productivity apps on the market, all of them aimed at making your life easier and your workday more productive. A quick peek into the iOS App Store for “to do list” turned up literally thousands of results. But there’s an inherent problem with many of the... Read more
LipNet Is Most Advanced Lip Reading Software Yet
One of the most depressing things about the “land of tomorrow”-esque promises behind innovation–at least as the parent of a special needs child myself–is seeing how some of the most ordinary obstacles that any individual with a disability might face have yet to be overcome through tech. The clunky... Read more
AI ‘Nightmare Machine’ Creates Scary Images For Halloween
The debate surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and whether its impact on mankind will have a positive or negative effect on mankind has been going on since before the 1960s. But the programmers behind the Deep-Learning AI ‘Nightmare Machine’ may not have done the ‘AI is a force for good’... Read more