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US Military To Create Real Life Cyborg Soldiers
The US military Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have announced the formation of a new research program that will eventually create “cyborg” soldiers capable of connecting and communicating directly with computers. The Neural Engineering System Design (NESD) project will be tasked with designing a human computer interface that will... Read more
Tech Executives give $1 billion for Altruistic OpenAI Project
Several top tech executives and experts have announced that are to donate $1 billion for OpenAI, a non-profit venture whose sole aim is to develop artificial intelligence (AI) that will be of benefit to the human race. OpenAI is a non-profit Artificial Intelligence research company. Its stated goal is... Read more
Apple Looks To “The Force” For Innovation
If you’re looking forward to the newest Star Wars movie as much as the rest of the intelligent life forms of the world, there’s a feature in this one that you especially want to watch for. No, it’s not the new villains or the old favorites (lookin’ at you,... Read more
Google Offers TensorFlow As Open Source
It can be hard for companies with major-name brands behind them and shareholders to keep happy to put their money where their mouths are when it comes to open sourcing their content. But Google, a company with more revenue than some small companies, has the leverage to do just... Read more
AI Software Designed To Take A Better Selfie
Software and technology have done great things for society. There are robots that build cars, virtual-vision computers that let doctor perform microscopic remote surgery, self-driving vehicles that take the guesswork out of transportation, and more. But all of those advancements pale in comparison to the new AI-level software that... Read more
Digital Classrooms: Is This Really Education?
If you need a little excitement in your life, walk into any faculty lounge or meeting room and announce that you think self-paced software is the wave of the future for education. You’re sure to find yourself swarmed by a mob of lesson planning critics who argue that technology... Read more
Software Aids First Responders In Disasters
From the earthquake in Nepal to Hurricane Joaquin’s flooding in South Carolina, so-called natural disasters are an every day part of the planet. But whether it’s due to climate change concerns or luck of the thousand-year-storm draw, there’s little doubt that more and more people (thanks to broader news... Read more
Google AI Surgical Robot In Development
Google and healthcare company Johnson & Johnson are working on developing surgical robots, which use artificial intelligence. In order to accomplish this, the life sciences division of Google will work alongside Johnson & Johnson’s medical device company, Ethicon. The collaboration will create a robotics-assisted surgical platform that is designed to... Read more
The Mario AI Project

The Mario AI Project

Internet January 21, 2015

Artificial Intelligence researchers are always looking for new, innovative applications to push the limits of how their creations think and react. In Germany, Cognitive Modelling researchers at the University of Tubingen have created an artificial intelligence in the familiar shape of Nintendo‘s premiere plumber – Mario. The Mario AI... Read more
AI Experts Sign Agreement To Protect Mankind From The Rise Of The Machines
You have seen the Terminator films, right? Mankind creates SkyNet, the highly advanced AI. As soon as it becomes self-aware, it sees humanity as a threat to its existence and then decides to trigger a nuclear holocaust and deploy an army of Terminator machines against humanity. Although this is science fiction, and I personally believe... Read more
Microsoft use Robots to Guard Silicon Valley Campus
Looking at an average factory comparison between 1950 and 2014, it might be interesting to see how many humans still work the manual jobs inside the facility. Microsoft is looking to get rid of some of its security workforce at the main Silicon Valley campus, replacing guards with autonomous... Read more
Google Advances in Image Recognition Technology
Those really clever folks over at the Google Science labs, have created artificial intelligence software, which can describe the contents of photographs in a far more accurate manner than ever before. The Internet giant have said that as well as making it far simpler to search for specific images,... Read more
Butterfly Network Hopes to Bring Deep Learning AI to Medicine
Have you ever had an MRI or ultrasound? Did it take ages to get an appointment? Introducing Butterfly Network Inc, which has recently launched a new piece of machinery that will hopefully make ultrasounds and MRIs cheaper, smarter and faster. The handheld medical-imaging device has $100 million in funding.... Read more
Disney Opens Research Facilities
Although Disney is known for its ‘magical’themed films and amusement parks, they have also recently announced that they will be opening two laboratories for research.  The first one will be in Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh while the other will be located in ETH Zurich. President, Ed Catmull, of... Read more
Robotic Origami Can Fold Itself
Researchers at MIT have created origami-like cut outs that fold into shapes like robots when put under high heat. The team has been able to make a bunny, a house, a human figure and an egg out of these flat sheets.  This high-tech origami is just the start of... Read more
Expert Shares His Thoughts On AI And The Reality Of ‘Her’
‘Her’, a film by Spike Jonze has sparked much debate over the future of artificial intelligence and how it will integrate with humans. The well known futurist Ray Kurzweil, who started working at Google on machine learning and voice processing back in 2012, has shared his thoughts on whether... Read more
Google Acquires AI Firm DeepMind For $240 Million
Is the rise of the machines nearly upon us?  It maybe nearer than you think, as Google’s latest acquisition is in line with their recent purchases of seven robotics firms, including Industrial Perception, which specialises in machines that can package goods and Mekabot, which makes humanoid robots.  However, as... Read more
Google’s “Deep Learning” Computers Out-Smart The Creators
A Google software engineer has said that the company’s “deep learning” decision-making systems have been able to crack coding problems that the engineers who designed them can’t. Quoc V.Le made the revelation at the Machine Learning Conference in San Francisco on Friday, where he also outlined how Google are... Read more