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Amazon’s Cloud Is Now World’s Fifth Largest Software Company
News has emerged that Amazon Web Services (AWS) would be one of the largest software businesses, even if it was completely independent of parent company, Amazon. Newly released figures show Amazon’s cloud business has expanded so fast in the last 10 years, that it’s now the fifth-largest business software... Read more
Amazon Opens Supermarket Without Checkouts
Get your groceries and go: Amazon debuts “Go” store with no cashiers or checkout lines. In a move that could revolutionize the way we buy our groceries in the future, Amazon has this week opened a supermarket that has no checkout operators or tills of any sort.  After a... Read more
Google, Microsoft And Amazon Join Forces To Appeal FCC Net Neutrality Ruling
Several of the US’s Major internet firms have banded together to form a group known as the Internet Association with the sole intention of suing the FCC and preventing the government body from overturning the Title 2 2015 net neutrality rules. The IA which is backed by heavyweight tech... Read more
New Amazon S3 Breach Exposes Every US Household
Massive data breach caused by unsecured AWS S3 cloud server. Amazon Web Services hosts database servers for a wide variety of clients, but someone might need to take a look at the instruction manual. Once again, another company’s data has been accessed via an unsecured S3 server, and this... Read more
Amazon Launches In Australia
US based online retail titan has finally officially launched its first Australian operation. After a tumultuous few months of will-they/won’t-they, Amazon finally opened its virtual doors to the domestic Australian market.   While not yet as all-inclusive as its other global marketplaces, the Australian marketplace still covers most of the bases, with 23 separate categories for shoppers... Read more
Amazon To Fix Dangerous Flaw In Key Service
Researchers claim to have found “simple” way to hack Amazon’s heavily advertised Key service. Researchers at Rhino Security Labs have apparently identified a serious flaw in Amazon’s Key delivery service and the associated Cloud Cam security camera that comes with it. The problem could allow criminals posing as couriers... Read more
Amazon’s Creepiest Prime Benefit Yet
Amazon Key is a new service that lets couriers unlock your front door. Critics have lobbed some harsh accusations at one of the world’s largest online retailers: they’re the evil empire, they’re taking over, they’re telling you what to buy and how to think. Now, Amazon is about to... Read more
Amazon Launches German AI Lab
Artificial Intelligence hub will be based in TĂĽbingen, near the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems’ campus. Machine learning research just got an unlikely ally in Amazon, who announced the construction of its German-based AI lab this week, one that will add about 100 further highly-skilled engineering jobs over... Read more
Alexa, Open Cortana: Microsoft And Amazon To Integrate Cortana and Alexa
Tech giants announce first-of-its-kind collaboration. “Alexa has made a new friend,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted to announce a major collaboration between the two tech giants. So it turns out, both Amazon and Microsoft have been working together for the last 12 months to make Alexa and Cortana BFFs.... Read more
Amazon Files Patent To Block Comparison Shopping In Its Stores
Applies to its physical bricks and mortar stores. Amazon filed a patent on May 30 to block shoppers in its physical bricks and mortar stores from comparison shopping when they shop there. Considering that comparison shopping is what Amazon have been helping consumers do just that since the day... Read more
Amazon Launches Conversion Software For eBooks
New tool helps authors convert Word docs for Kindle publishing platform. Over the years, Amazon has grown from an online book retailer to an all-things-internet empire, offering tools for everything from uploading an ebook to creating a video game. A new tool launched in beta goes back to its... Read more
Amazon Adding 100K Jobs Across US This Year
Amazon might be the retail giant that we all love to hate – while secretly renewing our Prime memberships – but there’s no arguing with the company’s track record on employment and career incentive. Already one of America’s top businesses for overall employee numbers, Amazon has announced its plans to... Read more
Is Apple Held To A Higher Standard?
As tech companies go, Apple is certainly outside the norm. Its cash-on-hand balance notwithstanding–an amount that surpasses the GOP of quite a few countries–the company has managed to weather the storms over the years and survive in an industry where Silicon Valley startups come and go before the ink... Read more
Apple’s Latest AI Acquisition
There’s no shortage of companies–Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more, who are providing a less-than-sci-fi-movie quality experience with AI. While the days of walking into your house and being welcomed by Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey haven’t quite panned out the way future-forward thinkers have envisioned. We have... Read more
Amazon Breached And Customer Data Exposed…Or Not?
That’s the trouble with those pesky data breaches…are they true, or not? In the case of the recent alleged attack on Amazon’s servers, we’re still not sure. But that doesn’t stop the news from circulating, or the consumer panic from setting in. A hacker going by the Twitter handle... Read more
FileHippo Smashes The 3,000,000,000 Download Barrier
Yep, that’s right, FileHippo passed a very significant milestone recently. Last month we officially passed the 3 billion download mark, and if you don’t mind us saying, we do feel quite proud of that figure. Where It All Began was started by two software enthusiasts in 2004. We’re really proud of... Read more
Apple Storing iCloud Data On Google Servers
News has emerged from several different sources that Apple has struck a deal with what some might see as its arch rival, Google, to store some users iCloud data on Google’s own cloud storage servers. The deal is being reported as a real coup for Google, which is seen... Read more
Older Kindles Need A Software Update
The clock is ticking for owners of certain models of Kindle e-readers as the deadline to install a critical update is looming. Today’s deadline means owners who failed to follow through with the update will no longer be able to connect to the internet, and will have to install... Read more