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Alexa Now Updates You On Your Health
Fitness wearables are all the rage, but for many tech models the process of retrieving the information means plugging up the device to your computer and comparing the results by hand. While some will stream the data to a mobile device app for convenience, Amazon has taken the ease... Read more
Amazon Disabled Encryption For Latest Fire OS
No, it’s true, they really did. Why? Beats the hell out of me…. This is the news that all Locally stored data on Amazon Fire devices using the latest Fire OS is no longer encrypted, and hasn’t been since last year. Anyone upgrading a Kindle Fire, or any Fire OS... Read more
Google Sets Date For End Of Flash Based Adverts
As of the 2nd of January, 2017, Google will no longer display adverts made with the Adobe Flash plugin, and from June this year, Google will stop accepting adverts made with Flash. Ad makers will now have to use HTML5 for animations in adverts if they want to use... Read more
Amazon Suspends TOS In Event Of Disease Outbreak
Ah, click bait headlines…how fun, right? But that’s the effect that a recent discovery in Amazon’s term of service is having this morning. Of course, it’s just a major coincidence that so many websites and social media users are sharing this NOW, with media outlets around the world running... Read more
Amazon Kindles To Get An Update
When the Kindle e-reader hit the shelves, it took the market by storm. It wasn’t the first digital device for reading ebooks, but it was the first one to come with a user-friendly download process and a full library of books to back it up (it was no fun... Read more
Microsoft Cloud Grows Bigger But Still Not The Biggest
Microsoft missed the industry bandwagon shift to mobile, and its latest forecast has seen its profit margin fall by 15%, but strong growth and a relentless push toward Cloud services has seen the Redstone based company share price soar.   Microsoft’s cloud business, which includes products such as its... Read more
Amazon Opens Amazon Books in Seattle
In a new chapter, and a surprising turn up for the books, Amazon have opened up its own new bookstore in Seattle. The books available for sale will retail for the exact same price as they do online, Shelf space for books will be given based on sales, pre-orders,... Read more
Amazon Sues Writers Of Fake Reviews From
  Amazon has begun taking legal action against more than 1,000 freelancers it claims have written fake reviews for its website. According to court records, the US based e-commerce giant filed the lawsuit in Seattle, Washington, on Friday. The lawsuit directly targets freelancers working for, an online freelance website.... Read more
Google, Intel, Mozilla, Netflix, And Others Form Alliance For Open Media
Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, Netflix, Amazon, and Cisco, have become day one members of the newly formed Alliance for Open Media. The Alliance (AOMedia) is an open source, not for profit project intent on creating ‘a new, open royalty-free video codec specification…with binding specifications for media formats…’ The overall... Read more
Kindle For PC Gets A New Release
Whether you like the company or not, there’s no question that Amazon has reshaped the face of reading, of publishing, and even of retail commerce. A number of “revolutions” have been attributed to the company, including the self-publishing movement, the state of small businessmen who are now able to... Read more
The Weirdest Things You Can Buy On Amazon!
Amazon has been dubbed the “evil empire” for its killer instincts when it comes to not only selling you stuff, but doing it better, faster, and cheaper than the other guys. From its humble beginnings as a sweet little online bookshop, Jeff Bezos & Friends has grown into a... Read more
Amazon Cloud Drive Users Can Now Get Unlimited Storage
There are numerous storage solutions out there on the Internet to choose from. I guess your choice all boils down to how much do you want to spend in relation to how much data you have to store. There is also the fact that you could be very picky... Read more
Amazon Launches Dash Button For Instant Restock Ordering
Amazon decided to launch its next major step in online shopping on April Fools day, surprising and putting everyone in cautious mode. Thankfully, the Dash button is not a joke, but will be an actual product for Prime users. Restocking can be a tiring experience and sometimes people forget... Read more
Amazon Testing Drones In Canada
Amazon’s plans are to one day use delivery drones to deliver packages to people around the world. They’ve even gone through several stages of development for their drones, but haven’t had too much luck with the FAA. With the testing rules as governed by the FAA, Amazon would be... Read more
Amazon Drones Get FAA Approval
If you want to fly your drone in the US, there are particular regulations in place, which currently restrict certain uses. These old laws haven’t been changed for a long time, but it looks like that is about to change. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently approved... Read more
First 10 Kindle Scout Titles Available For Pre-Order
Amazon’s new discovery and upvoting tool Kindle Scout lets the people who matter most in the publishing process–the readers–have a say in the titles that get published. Through the company’s ebook imprint Kindle Press, books that have been nominated for publication have a chance to get published and put... Read more
Are Waterproof eReaders Really That Important?
If you’ve ever dropped your smartphone in the toilet then spent the next 48 hours offering sacrifices to the device as it sat in a bowl of rice to dry out, you may wonder why every single object you own isn’t encased in carbonite like Han Solo. Wouldn’t it... Read more
Target Adds Lower Free Shipping Minimums, Beats Out Amazon
Remember the good old days when all you had to do was spend $25 on Amazon and they shipped you your stuff for free? It was great, right? Too bad they quit doing it a while ago and instead upped the minimum order price to $35 in order to... Read more