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Amazon Vs PayPal: Amazon Pay Service Available To Online Business
Amazon, having extended their original reaches, far beyond the realms of selling books, now they are deep into the world of tablets and online marketplaces.  And now they are reaching even further in their latest effort; “Login and Pay with Amazon.” The new service does exactly what it says on the... Read more
Amazon Android Based Console On The Horizon?
Are Amazon developing an Android-based console for release later this year? GameInformer is reporting that multiple sources have come forward to them revealing that Amazon is indeed developing an Android-powered games console. Packaged with its very own controller, this Amazon Box would increase leverage to an already substantial framework that... Read more
The Next-Gen Kindle Fire HD is Something to Get Excited About!
Surely I am not alone in thinking that the Kindle is a nifty device. I think it still does not hold a candle to the iPad, but I also think that comparing them is not a good idea. After all, when I think of the Kindle, I mainly think... Read more
Amazon Opens Indie Game Store
Indie game developers, rejoice! And, if you’re an avid supporter of the indie concept, you have good reason to clap your hands – and get clicking – as well. Amazon has just launched a new dedicated storefront called the Amazon Indie Game Store. Obviously, this section is all about... Read more
Amazon Acquires Siri Competitor Evi Technologies
Amazon is making a play for the voice-controlled devices market. The e-commerce giant on Wednesday was rumored to have completed the acquisition of voice-assistant app developer Evi Technologies. The deal is believed to have cost in the vicinity of $26 million. Amazon likely purchased Evi Technologies because of its... Read more
Amazon Coins for Kindle

Amazon Coins for Kindle

Internet February 14, 2013

To encourage more user activity and spending, Amazon announced Wednesday that it would be introducing a virtual currency called Amazon Coins. Kindle Fire users can expect some free coins this May, as Amazon gives away tens of millions of dollars worth of the coins during the launch of the... Read more
Amazon Provides Free Digital Downloads of CDs
Amazon is now offering free digital versions of any CD bought since 1998 through the company. Amazon AutoRip allows users to access audio copies of CDs or MP3 selections on the Amazon Cloud Player. Gifts are not eligible for this service but that only applies if you marked the... Read more
Best-Selling Laptop on Amazon Runs Linux
You would think the best selling laptop on Amazon runs on Mac OS or Windows, but it doesn’t. Instead it runs Linux, and it is Samsung’s ARM powered Chromebook. It is the cheapest (listed at $249) among the top 20 best selling Amazon laptops, it is easy to use,... Read more
Amazon Kindle is The Biggest Deal Ever
Amazon announced in a press release that it more than doubled its sales of the Kindle from last year. This includes all of the devices sold under the Kindle name. The record was not only for the Kindle itself, but the site said that it was the biggest Cyber Monday deal... Read more
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-Inch Starts Shipping Today
Fans of the Amazon Kindle HD tablet line have reason to celebrate. The online retailer today announced that it has begun to ship the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch. The Android powered device sells for $299 and will arrive at Best Buy locations by Friday. Amazon also plans to sell... Read more
The Kindle Fire HD Versus The Nexus 7
Certain animals are purportedly attracted to shiny things. Magpies. Ferrets. Maybe we can add humans to the list – we’re part of the animal kingdom after all. And when it comes to shiny things, gadgets are at the top of the list. Tablets, for one, are some of the... Read more