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Teen Pleads Guilty In Apple Hacking Case
Kids these days, right? A little juvenile mischief used to involve shoplifting a pack of gum or spray painting your name on a bridge outside of town. Now, it involves hacking into the world’s first trillion-dollar company, Apple, over the course of about one year. An unnamed Australian teenager–his... Read more
Tech Companies Fighting Conspiracy Theorists
Alex Jones, highly vocal founder and ringmaster of conspiracy theory “journalism” site Infowars, has taken to the various online airwaves to fight back against what he feels is censorship and a violation of his freedom of speech. The issue in question is the multiple-platform ban of many of his... Read more
LEO Workaround For Apple Anti-Snooping Tech
The fight between Apple and the FBI continues… Apple has had a long-time adversary when it comes to invasion of privacy, namely, local, state, and even federal governments. The tech giant was at one time embroiled in a lengthy, expensive legal battle over breaking into a user’s iPhone, specifically... Read more
Tech Industry Takes A Stand On Immigrant Separation
Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Tesla, and YouTube are among those weighing in. When it comes to the political sphere, the business sector plays an obvious role. After all, the decisions made in the halls of government have an impact on the ways businesses operate. But several tech... Read more
What’s Apple Up To With Self-Driving Cars?
We investigate the great mystery. Google, Uber, Tesla, Toyota, and so many other interested parties have a dog in the self-driving car fight, but one long-time competitor seems to be taking their time about getting out on the roads. Apple has been on again, off again with its efforts,... Read more
Apple To Begin Publishing Global Government App Takedown Requests
…but not the ones it takes down itself. Apple has announced that it will soon start providing statistics for app takedown requests from governments around the world. The news comes in the tech giant’s latest Transparency Report that it publishes bi-annually. The aim of the report is to highlight... Read more
Exploding iPhone Blamed On Overheating
Cause uncertain but the effects are clear to see.  A viral video from a cellular repair shop’s surveillance camera is making the rounds, showing a potentially dangerous explosion. In the video, an employee of the Las Vegas shop can be seen working at a counter–some accounts say he was... Read more
Apple Pulls Plug On $1Billion Irish Data Center
Apple has announced that after three years of planning delays and numerous planning appeals, that it has canceled its plans for a $1 billion dollar data center it had hoped to build in Athenry, Ireland. Despite the fact that the new data center would have provided hundred of jobs,... Read more
Apple Offers Another Battery Replacement
Apple Watch warranty now extended to cover battery replacement – on some models, at least. No matter how great a product is, nothing is completely infallible; that’s when a great warranty and great customer service come in to smooth the hurt that a defective, expensive gadget causes. Apple came... Read more
Apple Now 100% Powered From Clean Renewable Energy
Equivalent to taking almost a 500,000 cars off the road annually, say Apple. Everything Apple owns, from data centers to retail stores, is now powered with clean energy. Apple CEO Tim Cook says the move is the culmination of years of work, and a significant milestone for the tech... Read more
Apple To Ditch Intel Chips In Macs From 2020?
Rumours circulate that Apple will use its own chips. Rumors are circulating in tech circles that Apple is allegedly about to announce that it will stop using Intel processors in its Mac computer line from as early as 2020. Instead Apple is reportedly intending to replace Intel chips with... Read more
Auction Of Steve Jobs Pre-Apple CV Could Reach $50,000
Apple co-founder’s CV part of pop culture auction by RR Auctions.  An error strewn job application that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs filled out before he started the company that gave the world the Macintosh personal computer, iPod and iPhone is to be sold at auction and is expected to fetch... Read more
Apple To Give iPhone Users Option To Turn Off ‘Feature’ That Slows Older Devices
Apple has announced that a new update later this year will allow the users of older models of iPhones to turn off the ‘feature’… it introduced in December that slows them down when their batteries become old.  The new option will become available in next update to iOS 11.... Read more
Apple Shareholders Voice Concerns Over Youth Smartphone Addiction
Two prominent investors urge Apple to take action and develop tools that could help protect children from using their iPhones too much. According to a joint letter written by the two major shareholders, Apple CEO Tim Cook, should issue health warnings for children using iPhones, detailing the mental and... Read more
Apple Gives Private Demo Of Self-Driving Tech
Apple’s AI team gives researchers a sneak peek at several driving projects. We’re used to Apple product launches and demos having all the look and feel of a top-billing rock star event, but the company has a lot more going on than that. At times, Apple stages invite-only, industry-only... Read more
Apple Agrees To Pay Ireland $15.4bn In Back Taxes 
Apple has finally agreed to start paying a €13bn ($15.4 billion) tax bill in early 2018, a full 12 months after a European Union competition court ruled that a special tax deal with Ireland had allowed Apple to pay almost zero tax on Europe wide profits between 2003 and 2014.  The irony is that Ireland has said it doesn’t want the money. The... Read more
Apple Fix MacOS High Sierra OS Bug
Apple has rushed out a patch to fix a major security flaw that allowed anyone to easily gain full admin access. The macOS High Sierra bug allowed anyone with physical access to an installed Mac, to gain full admin control with the username ‘root,’ and no password. While the bug only worked... Read more
Skirting iPhone X’s Facial ID With DIY Hack
Apple iPhone X Face ID fooled by a mask. In the months of giddy speculation and strategically leaked news about the latest iPhone, one of the much touted features was a camera that was specifically suited for facial recognition. It presumably spoke to capabilities of facial recognition for things... Read more