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Facebook Launches Apps For Messenger & Business Features
Facebook has launched the next step on Messenger, its second largest messaging service behind WhatsApp. Instead of merging the two apps, Facebook intends to make Messenger a platform for more than just text chat. It has launched Messenger Platform, allowing third-party developers to create apps to run over-the-top of... Read more
Citrix Releases GoToMeeting For Chrome
Video conferencing is a standard requirement in today’s business environments.  Whether people choose to use Skype or another service, they need high quality services at little or no cost.  The market has a few products that are availalble at the moment and one to look out for is Citrix‘s GoToMeeting,... Read more
Proven: A Job Search App Proven to Help You Get a Job
More people are turning to their smartphones when looking for a job.  Proven is one such mobile app that allows people to apply for jobs directly from their smartphones.  Proven has just made the process a lot simpler for many folks with an update to its Android version.  The... Read more
Introducing WordPress Business Accounts
While WordPress got its start as a bloggers paradise, it has rapidly evolved into the most popular publishing platform on the internet. And now the site is expanding even more to specifically accommodate businesses by launching their newest addition, Many owners of small and medium sized business decide... Read more
Great Apps for Business Travelers
If you are a frequent business traveler, you probably have an entire traveling routine that helps you to manage all the details of your trip.  You may even use your mobile device to help make traveling easier. Mobile apps have increasingly become a greater part of how people interact... Read more
Check Out Startups on the Go With the Kickstarter Mobile App
Kickstarter is a great way to get your project ideas out in front of other people.  Now more than ever, you can put your project ideas into other people’s hands with Kickstarter’s new mobile app.  Perhaps you are looking to get a project funded, or maybe you like to... Read more
SkyPhrase: Better Answers for Your Questions
If you have ever wanted to search for a complicated piece of information on the internet, but you weren’t sure of how to start, then you will be excited to learn about a new type of web search.  SkyPhrase allows users to use natural language questions without having to... Read more
Make Your Opinion Count with Swipp
Swipp is a tool that tracks people’s opinions on everything from the latest iPhone to tax debt. Now you can find out if more people agree with you or if you stand out from the crowd. Only available right now when you log in to Facebook, this tool could... Read more
Evernote Business – Making Collaboration A Breeze
Evernote, a popular note taking and productivity application for desktops, tablets and smartphones has announced the Evernote Business platform. The new program allows users around the world to collaborate on projects from their favorite devices. The new program is live today in France, Germany, Switzerland, the US, Canada, Japan, and the... Read more
Social Analytics Apps That Website Owners Need
If you want to run a successful website you have to not only create amazing content, you have to create content that your readers want to explore. One of the best ways to determine what your users want is to follow their social interactions with your posts. While traditional... Read more