We’re living in an era where people have multiple devices. Ask the average person, and that chances are that he has a laptop (and/or desktop computer), a mobile phone, and a tablet. Some have more than one of each device. This setup brings about many advantages, but there is also the issue of syncing data among devices. That’s why file sharing software has become an ubiquitous tool for digital people.

BitTorrent Sync

When it comes to file sharing and syncing software, Dropbox leads the pack. Not only is it free, it also provides the possibility of increasing storage space without spending a single cent; and for those who absolutely need more, there are premium features. Of course, the fact that Dropbox does the job brilliantly helps its case. A lot.

Not that there aren’t any alternatives to Dropbox. In fact, there are many other file sharing/syncing tools available, and it looks like highly popular BitTorrent is about to join the fray with its new app, Sync.

Last week, BitTorrent announced that Sync is in its pre-alpha stage. The goal of the app is simple: to provide users with a tool that allows the management of personal files among multiple devices easy and efficient.

BitTorrent Sync To Rival Dropbox

The blog entry itself does not tell us much about what Sync can do, except that the guys behind the app are hoping to make something “sick” – with the help of testers, of course. Janko Roettgers of GigaOm does have a bit more information about Sync, and he shares that the app will allow direct synchronization of data without cloud caching.

Those with security concerns will be comforted with the knowledge that 256 bit AES encryption will protect the file transfers. Signs also point to native apps for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux, and probably mobile devices as well.

If you are interested in participating in what might very well be the next big thing in this space, head on over to BitTorrent Labs and sign up for pre-alpha testing.

[Images via BitTorrent Blog & gizmodo]