What did we say about this year’s CES? Wearable tech is going to be big, and it seems that every pundit who took on this position is being proven correct. While many consumers seem to be fixated on smartwatches, we really can’t turn a blind eye on another piece of wearable tech: the smartglass.

Google Glass has certainly led the way in this regard, but other players are not far behind. At the CES, Sony jumped into the bandwagon by announcing the Sony Smart Eyeglass. While it’s not exactly like Google Glass – it’s more of an answer to Oculus Rift, which has got gamers quite excited – the wearable device does have potential.

Smart Eyeglass

Aside: Oculus Rift has a lot going for it, since virtual reality has been part of science fiction dreams the world over. Of course, there is the practical detail of having to get used to VR experience, but I suppose we will all get used to it at some point, not to mention technology improving to the point of removing “side effects” such as nausea!

Showing the Sony Smart Eyeglass off at CES, the manufacturer sure got some attention – some of it positive, some of it not so good. What no one can deny is the fact that the device is not all that ready for gaming yet. There is also the “small” matter of the display being bright green.

Some of us feel nostalgia when we think of the bright green text display on ancient CRT monitors, but for smartglass technology, that’s not really optimal, is it? Sony says it can be adjusted, though.

Sony Joins Smartglass Fray With Sony Smart Eyeglass

On the upside, critics say that the Sony Smart Eyeglass provides a more “cohesive experience”, combined with the head-mounted display. While it is too early to make predictions, especially since the product is not at 100 percent yet, the mere fact that more players are joining the game says a lot about the future of smartglasses.

Again, this is exciting, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for things to reach the optimal consumer experience level this year.

[Images via PCWorld & gizmodo]