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What To Buy the Techie Who Has Everything
What do you buy someone who has everything? Even worse, what do you buy a techie who seems to have everything? Don’t panic, here are a few hints and tips which may help you decide what will make the perfect present. How about a Lego iPad case? This great... Read more
Meet The Self-Replicating Ormerod 3D Printer
RS Components and RepRap have joined forces to create an affordable 3D printer, called Ormerod. Not only is the printer cheap, and I mean very cheap for a 3D printer, it is also self-replicating! The RepRapPro Ormerod will be delivered in parts, so you will have to assemble it... Read more
NASA To Use Lasers In New Space Communication Systems
Nasa is about to radically change the way it communicates between space and Earth. Historically the space agency has beamed data to Earth using radio-frequency communication but now it is working on a laser-based space communications system. Officials at NASA say this new form of communication system is key... Read more
3D Printed ‘Gun’ Parts Seized By Police
Police in Manchester, UK, have made the discovery of what could be the UK’s first ever 3D printed firearm factory, but some claim that the parts are actually spare parts for a printer.  However, police believe the parts actually represent the “next generation” of firearms, which can be created by... Read more
3D Printing Bacteria Could Help Fight Drug-Resistant Bugs
Scientists are using 3D printing technology to investigate bacteria and its ability to interact with other bacterial species. Microbes often suspend themselves in colonies of various sizes and shapes, where they can communicate with eachother. It’s these interactions that can determine how deadly or resistant to antibiotics they are.... Read more
Cube-Shaped Robots Assemble Themselves
Scientists have unveiled cube-shaped robots at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), that are able to flip, jump and assemble themselves into various shapes. These small robots have been named M-Blocks. They have no external parts but operate through an internal flywheel mechanism and it is magnets that cause... Read more
Introducing The VBB-3: The Most Powerful Electric Car In The World
In September 2013, Prince Albert II of Monaco unveiled the latest Electric Vehicle from Venturi Automobiles, the VBB-3 which is said to be the most powerful electric car in the world. The EV was shown at the Wendover Airfield, Utah after the team had to abort an attempt to... Read more
Snake Robots Better For Exploring Mars Say European Researchers
Researchers at the SINTEF Research Institute in Norway and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology are using snakes as inspiration for a new type of Mars exploration robot. Senior Research Scientist, Aksel Transeth and his colleagues are carrying out a feasibility study for the European Space Agency, exploring... Read more
NASA’s Vegetable Patch In Space
NASA is all set to grow vegetables on a patch 230 miles above Earth. The Vegetable Production System (VEGGIE) program will send station kits to the astronauts on the International Space Station to grow six romaine lettuce plants. So far successfully grown in space was a zucchini following an... Read more
Zephyr: NASA’s Sailing Rover to Venus
If you thought landing a rover on Mars was difficult, learn that NASA has even bigger plans about some of our neighboring planets. The U.S. space agency has its eyes set on the second planet from the sun and is working out a plan to send a sailing rover... Read more
Elon Musk Building A Gesture Based System Like Iron Man
Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors has often been compared to Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Both Musk and the facilities at SpaceX have had brief cameo appearances in Iron Man 2, whilst director Jon Favreau was open about the fact that Musk had been the inspiration... Read more
PiP Facial Recognition For Pets And Owners
When your pet dog or cat runs away it is very upsetting and even if someone does find your close companion, they may not know where or how to find you. If your pet winds up in a shelter, the chances are high that it will be euthanised.  This... Read more
MIT Creates New Multi-Material 3D Printing Software
3D printing technology is advancing in huge leaps, but most printers are still only able to create objects from only one type of material. The few printers that are able to print in multiple materials are excruciatingly slow and difficult to use. But a new software pipeline developed by... Read more
Focus Headset Makes You Smarter
The wearable tech market is reaching all areas of our lives, whether it be to track your sleep patterns or give you directions that float above your eye. However the latest devices claim to make you think faster and even make you smarter. They work by attaching electrodes to... Read more
First 3D Printed Rifle Test Fired
Missed all the controversy surrounding 3D printed weapons and their potentially disastrous effects or not, depending on who you’re asking? Rest assured, for we now have what is believed to be the world’s first 3D printed rifle being successfully test fired. Well, okay, maybe not 100 percent successfully, given... Read more
Coming Soon Life-Size Holograms in Your Living Room
The first time I can remember seeing holograms was way back in the 1977 Science Fiction classic, Star Wars ,where we saw a tiny version of Princess Leia projected from R2D2. Now, only 36 years later,  life-size holograms could eventually be a reality in our own living room. A fledgling Los Angeles-based... Read more
Foxconn Smartwatch

Foxconn Smartwatch

News July 3, 2013

Hon Hai Precision Industry (the main manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone and iPad) better known by its international trading name: Foxconn, have just showcased a smartwatch that can be connected wirelessly to an iPhone.  This new innovative product, which the company hopes will be part of its future revenue growth,... Read more
Drayson Racing Electric Car Breaks World Speed Record
Electric cars are not traditionally associated with the idea of super-speed, but this is gradually beginning to change.  After Nissan recently unveiled a superfast electric-gasoline powered hybrid, a UK Drayson Racing electric car broke the world land speed record. Drayson Racing Technologies’ electric model, Lola Drayson B12 69/EV, reached... Read more