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Invisibility Cloak: Is It Really Happening?
Scientists are getting very close to creating an actual invisibility cloak, as separate research teams over the past week have revealed significant advancements in the area. From an invisibility cloak scaled up to be able to hide a person to a quantum invisibility cloak that can hide objects in... Read more
NASA Explore 3D Printing In Microgravity
3D printing is at the cutting edge of technology and it’s scope is not just limited to earth. NASA has recently instructed a company called Made In Space to develop the first ever 3D printer for microgravity, for use on the  International Space Station(ISS). This isn’t the first company... Read more
Mind-controlled Flying Robot Successfully Tested
How would you like to be able to control your gadgets and electronics with the power of thought alone? It may sound like distant science fiction stuff, but we’re actually not that far off, as this mind-controlled flying robot proves. Minnesota University researchers have successfully tested a new system... Read more
Chameleon Scarf Matches Clothing Color
Do you have a hard time finding the perfect scarf to match your outfit? And then you don’t and have to change your outfit to match the scarf and you’re running late for work… How about making your clothing match automatically, by pairing it with some electronic devices? A... Read more
Mercedes QR Codes Could Save Lives
Quick Reference (QR) codes are practically everywhere and anywhere, we all know what they do, but don’t really use them much. But now, German car manufacturer Daimler AG is planning to incorporate QR code stickers to its Mercedes-Benz automobiles, as part of a push to support rescue operations in... Read more
Melon EEG Headband Tracks Mental Focus
We’re used to tracking our activity all the time: our heart rate, breathing rate, temperature and so on. There are so many gadgets out there that can monitor our physical activity and workout routine, and we recently took a look at one wristband tracker that also monitors your sleeping habits.... Read more
Arduino Robot Unveiled at Maker Faire
The eighth edition of Make: magazine’s Maker Faire Bay Area event last weekend gathered hundreds of innovators and makers, as usual. One of the main stars of the self-proclaimed “Greatest Show and Tell on Earth” was undoubtedly Italian company Arduino, which unveiled two new products at the fair. The... Read more
PLAir: Easier Internet-to-TV Video Streaming
Would you like to watch your online videos on a large TV screen instead of a small computer monitor? This can be easily achieved with PLAir, a new user-friendly product designed to simplify video streaming. The device is very easy to use and allows online video streaming to your... Read more
Raspberry Pi Miniature Computer Overview
Miniature computer Raspberry Pi, initially developed to help children learn how to program, is going into mass production, becoming an increasingly popular gadget for small businesses as it is easily customizable and has extended programming applications. The Raspberry Pi, manufactured by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, currently costs $35 or... Read more
Apple iWatch To Run Full iOS Platform
The Apple iWatch will not leave iOS users wanting. A new rumor suggests that the Cupertino-based company is hard at work on developing its first generation watch with a full version of its popular mobile device platform. In the new report it is suggested that Apple is planning to launch... Read more
Google Glass Now Accepting Applications From Consumers
Google Glass may possible we one of the most talked about tech projects of the last decade. Now, the tech giant is accepting purchase applications for its experimental glasses from everyday buyers. The application contest will allow everyday users to get their hands on the augmented reality ‘glasses’ but... Read more
Invensense: GPS for Indoors
Have you ever wished for clear directions for that one little shop in the heart of the mall that you can never seem to find?  What about when you are walking in the heart of a busy city with congested traffic and tall skyscrapers? Today’s GPS systems work great... Read more
New Retina Implants Convert Letters Into Braille
New technology has made it possible for people with retinal implants to read using Braille.  While it does not replace their vision, it does enable them to do more than they could before. How Implants have Helped Retinal implants have helped people who suffer from certain types of visual... Read more
How to Sell Your iPad 3
I love my iPad 3. I said that the day I bought it, and I will not hesitate to say it again. And again. I have to admit, however, that the announcement of the 4th generation iPad kind of threw me off guard. Just like the horde of Apple... Read more
Driverless Cars Can Get California Licenses?
Will you be safer or less so with driverless cars on the highways? You’re about to find out in California. Governor Jerry Brown took a spin in one in September on his way to sign the legislation that will make this possible. The bill provides for safety and performance... Read more
Using Tablets at School?
I have always thought that the tablet is a perfect educational tool, although I have to admit that it just might be the most expensive mobile gaming device I have ever owned. When it comes to children, however, a tablet can be put to much more better use than... Read more
Google Glasses: Should You Buy?
Every year Google holds an I/O for developers from all over the country. It is their opportunity to showcase and unveil new technologies and prototypes they are going to launch in the near future. This year’s I/O wasn’t much more than a circus but it did uncover one new... Read more