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This Smart Ceiling Fan Does All The Hard Work For You
Ceiling fans don’t really have all that much to them, and they don’t really require a whole lot of extensive knowledge before someone can figure out how to use it. All it really takes is flipping on a switch and maybe yanking on a chain. (You might even have... Read more
Robotic Origami Can Fold Itself
Researchers at MIT have created origami-like cut outs that fold into shapes like robots when put under high heat. The team has been able to make a bunny, a house, a human figure and an egg out of these flat sheets.  This high-tech origami is just the start of... Read more
3D Printers Make Great Toys
3D printing is on everyone’s lips!  Especially because of all its potential.  One of which is making toys.  This is the most common use for the 3D printer and ToyFabb has decided to make 3D toys more accessible for everyone.  They have announced their new online shop where buyers... Read more
Scientists 3D Print Artificial Shark Skin
It has been assumed that Sharks can swim so quickly because of their rough skin.  Biomimetics has been around for a long time and now Sharks are the next animal to be mimicked by scientists.  Harvard University has created the first realistic shark skin which can increase swimming speeds... Read more
Mom Creates UpSee Harness To Help Her Son Walk
Most parents would do anything to help their children succeed, whether it comes in the form of sacrificing financially so they can get a good education, or just being present with them in the small moments as well as the big ones. No parent likes to be told their... Read more
Volvo Creates Inflatable Child Car Seat
As a father of a 2-year-old with another one on the way, I have become intimately familiar with car seats. I know how to use the infant ones as well as the toddler ones, and believe me, they are both a pain in the rear. (My rear, not my... Read more
Build Your Own DIY Tattoo Machine From A 3D Printer
Tattoo parlours could be about to go out of business thanks to a group of students, who were able to take a Makerbot Replicator 3D printer and turn it into an automatic computer aided tattoo machine. What they acually did was remove the extruder of the printer and replaced... Read more
This RC Dragon Flies Through The Air & Breathes Fire
Whether it’s because of the popularity of video games such as¬†The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, or television shows such as¬†Game of Thrones, or even Hollywood movies such as¬†How to Train Your Dragon, one thing is clear: dragons are insanely popular right now. And, it’s a safe bet that more than... Read more
Scientists Hack Plants With Nanotubes To Create Super Plants
Scientists have been able to turn an ordinary plant into one that is supercharged by inserting nanomaterials into the energy-producing structures within the plant. The team tripled a plant’s energy-producing potential when they used carbon nanotubes to enhance the photosynthetic ability of chloroplasts. Chloroplasts are the cellular factories that... Read more
Soldiers Could Be Getting High-Tech Headgear Q-Warrior Soon
The American military could be about to get new head gear that will give them a serious advantage out in the field. Q-Warrior is a high-tech device worn on the head and has been built by the UK-based company BAE Systems. The Google Glass-like equipment can measure distances, display... Read more
IBM Develops Masterchef Supercomputer
I must confess to loving cookery programs, my favourite being the various MasterChef series. What fascinates me is how professional chefs can look at the most bizarre ingredients and invent incredible dishes. Yet they have nothing on the IBM supercomputer, which can come up with a quintillion ways of... Read more
This Tiny Chip Will Help Doctors Unclog Your Arteries
In a day and age where more people are killed by heart disease than most anything else, it would make sense that doctors and researchers would spend a majority of their time trying to figure out how to change that statistic. And, in a day and age like today,... Read more
Cloudwash: Smart Washing Machine – Orders Detergent From Amazon
Is the Internet Of Things nearly complete?  We have the smart TV, Refrigerator, Kettle and Cooker. The list goes on.  Has there been a massive impact on our lives?  One firm’s idea may clean things up a bit.  Cloudwash is the prototype from London-based technology company Berg, whose business... Read more
Fujitsu Intelligence Glove Unveiled
Fujitsu has recently demonstrated a prototype of their Intelligent Glove, an augmented reality system, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  The technology uses a pair of glasses with a screen and a camera built in. This nose-heavy piece of kit was connected to a smartphone, which then powered the software.... Read more
Nerf Robots Promise Hours Of Fun For Kids (& Adults)
A childhood is not complete until one has been fully immersed in a Nerf war of epic proportions. With so many Nerf gun options out there, there is the perfect (not to mention safe) weapon out there for every kid. Want a crossbow? No problem. Want more of a... Read more
Sleep Number Now Offers A SmartBed
There are all kinds of apps out there nowadays that measure the quality of your sleep. They’re all really simple to use – most of the time, all you have to do is tell it you’re going to sleep, tell it the right time you need to wake up,... Read more
Why Google Glass Will Not Succeed In 2014
When Google Glass was first announced, we all got excited about the idea. Well, perhaps that is too much of a sweeping statement. After all, there are a lot of people who are not that pleased with the idea. We’ve even heard about patrons being banned because of Google... Read more
Whiteclouds Brings 3D Printing For Everyone
At International CES 2014, one of the key aims of the companies who are to exhibit at the 3D Printing TechZone, is to capture the imagination of the general public, just ordinary people with no skills in design or other technical backgrounds.  It is this wider audience that all the... Read more