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Russian Hackers Target US Military Families
New finding puts individual families in the cross-hairs in a terrifying way. The Russian hacking scandal is far from being understood or solved, at least as it pertains to the last US presidential election. Further hacking occurs almost daily, with different Russian operations–some the work of rogue groups and... Read more
Orangeworm Attacks Vulnerable Medical Industry
Hacker group’s activity first picked up by Symantec cybersecurity. When patients think of cutting edge medical innovation, things like the Leonardo camera-guided robotic surgery come to mind, or the ability to send a capsule-sized camera through the digestive tract to diagnose potentially life-threatening medical conditions. Most people probably aren’t... Read more
Password Hashing An Issue For MyFitnessPal Breach
Hack exposed 150 million users’ accounts, but could have been much worse. As data breaches go, a company and the victims are lucky if only a couple million accounts were stolen, or if the data was nothing more than passwords and some birth dates. Recent large-scale events have included... Read more
Hackers Hit US With New Tax Scam
Latest in record-setting number of data breaches and hacking events. The April tax filing deadline is here for US consumers, and that generally means one thing. No, not a panicked, last-minute line at the post office to get that important postmark date (although that certainly happens), but rather an... Read more
Mastermind Behind Cyber Gang’s $1 Billion Crime Spree Arrested In Spain
Cybercrime syndicate infiltrated over 100 financial institutions in 40 countries hacking banks and ATMs via malware. For the past five years, the gang of hackers known as Carbanak has been targeting banks around the world, stealing well over $1 billion in total. Europol, the pan European police agency have said they’ve... Read more
Coincheck Starts Repaying Customers After $530 Million January Hack
Compensation to be paid to exchange NEM digital currency holders. The Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck Inc has announced that it has started to pay back the money it lost after the exchange was hacked and a large amount of digital currency was stolen from investors. The announcement comes as... Read more
CoinCheck To Refund Crypto Customers After Massive Hack
Around 260,000 CoinCheck customers, mostly based in Japan, are said to have been affected by one of the largest cryptocurrency thefts in history. CoinCheck, a prominent Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange has promised to use its own funds to reimburse more than 46bn yen (almost $500 million) to customers who lost... Read more
Hacking Insurance Is Newest Business Expense
Firms are buying insurance ‘in mad panic’ as cyber-attacks soar. Companies of every size have standard expenses. It might be payroll, office supplies, the lease on their location, a fleet of vehicles, or any of a hundred other considerations depending on the type of industry they’re in. But one... Read more
Data-Stealing Malware ‘Traced To Lebanon’
Researchers claim malware that exploits security bugs has been traced back to a Lebanese government building. The malware, responsible for infecting thousands of smartphones across the world, was uncovered by campaign group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in conjunction with security firm, LookOut. The malware mainly affected Android smartphones... Read more
New Amazon S3 Breach Exposes Every US Household
Massive data breach caused by unsecured AWS S3 cloud server. Amazon Web Services hosts database servers for a wide variety of clients, but someone might need to take a look at the instruction manual. Once again, another company’s data has been accessed via an unsecured S3 server, and this... Read more
Uber Paid Hacker Ransom And Hid Data Breach
Massive breach affected 50 million users of the ride hailing app.  Uber has admitted that it paid hackers $100,000 and then concealed a security breach over stolen data that affected 50 million customers and 7 million drivers. It paid out on the condition that the cybercriminals would delete the... Read more
Skirting iPhone X’s Facial ID With DIY Hack
Apple iPhone X Face ID fooled by a mask. In the months of giddy speculation and strategically leaked news about the latest iPhone, one of the much touted features was a camera that was specifically suited for facial recognition. It presumably spoke to capabilities of facial recognition for things... Read more
Move Over, WannaCry, Bad Rabbit Is Here
Game of Thrones-referencing ransomware strikes Ukraine and Russia. The latest strain of ransomware is taking down systems across Russia and the Ukraine, apparently targeting large websites and mass transit systems such as the Odessa airport and the Kiev metro. Dubbed Bad Rabbit, its basic method is much like other... Read more
What’s Going On With Kaspersky Hacking Allegations?
Answer still not clear, as case produces claim and counter claim. The Kaspersky AV-Russian Hacking saga is taking different twists and turns, and it doesn’t seem like a clear answer is on the horizon. Last month, the US Senate voted to bar Kaspersky Lab products from military and civilian... Read more
Body Hack: IoT Medical Devices Are Vulnerable
DefCon highlights weaknesses in life-saving tech. Hackers and “killing spree” aren’t usually used in the same sentence, but that correlation is exactly what biomedical researchers and cybersecurity experts came together to discuss at the recent DefCon event. It’s no secret that IoT and connected medical implants have had more... Read more
Solar Energy Vulnerabilities Can Lead To Grid Shutdown
Dutch researcher finds weakness within inverters. With the current global focus on renewable and green energy, innovations are being made almost daily to make alternative energy sources readily available, affordable, and most of all, actually workable. Currently, a lot of forms of green energy are either cost-prohibitive for individual... Read more
Are Computer Hackers Days Numbered? New Server From IBM Aims To Encrypt Everything
New Z series mainframes will take some beating. IBM claim the 14th generation of its Z series mainframes can encrypt 12 billion transactions a day, and with one click can encrypt the entire contents of a mainframe, making its contents virtually useless to hackers. As data breaches across companies and... Read more
Telegram App Takes Down Suspected Terror Communications
Indonesia Blocks Telegram Messaging Service Over Security Concerns. The tech industry has been called upon by multiple sources to step in and take a more active role in thwarting terrorism. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms have been loudly criticized for not doing more to curb suspected terrorists’... Read more