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Hackers Steal Bitcoin From Bithumb Exchange Traders
User data stolen from major cryptocurrency exchange. Hackers have managed to steal user data and money from Bithumb, one of the world’s biggest Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency exchanges, the company has announced. According to Bithumb, the company’s internal network and core servers were themselves not attacked. Instead it appears that the... Read more
Russians Hackers Are “Patriotic” According To Putin
Putin says patriotic Russians may be involved in hacking. Recent announcements have shed new light on the great American election hacking scandal. At the heart of the issue has been intentional collusion between key members of the Republican party and Russian operatives, allegedly working for Vladimir Putin. While that... Read more
Firm Pays Record-Setting $1M Hacker Ransom
Web-hosting firm Nayana pays to unlock frozen computers. The cybersecurity industry has tracked a sizeable increase in the number of ransomware attacks in the past year, ones that have hit both private consumers and businesses alike. Part of the reason for the increase has been attributed to their effectiveness; depending... Read more
Hacking The Galaxy S8 Iris Scanner
Three every-day items hold key to smartphone hack. Just when you think researchers have finally come up with a foolproof security scan method (and what could possibly be more secure than the eyes in your skull?) some fancy hackers have to go and prove it can be beaten. Even... Read more
New Hacking Method Goes After Hardware, Not Software
A Dutch team discover a new hacking method but are the big tech companies listening? There’s chilling news coming from a Dutch team of security researchers who discovered a brand-new method of cyberattack. Typical hacking attempts require installing malicious code on a computer then trying to find where that... Read more
Security Firm To Buy Old Exploits From Hackers
San Francisco-based Zimperium will acquire undisclosed code for vulnerabilities that have already been fixed. The company’s new N-Days Exploit Acquisition Program aims to pay security researchers from a $1.5 million pool for exploits targeting vulnerabilities in software that has already been patched. This is major a departure from most other similar... Read more
The Damage Of Data Breaches
Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report shows staggering cost of breaches. Data breaches have been setting new records almost every year for the past decade, and as such, the numbers of compromised consumer records floating around the dark web is astronomical. But while companies of every size and in every industry... Read more
Have We All Gone Russian Hacker Mad?
Ever since news broke that Russian operatives, perhaps even state sanctioned ones, allegedly hacked the Democratic National Party and leaked key emails, Russia has become the go-to whipping boy for hacking blame. A report from US officials that Russian hacking played a role in the outcome of the recent US... Read more
Ashley Madison Fined $1.6 Million For 2015 Data Breach
The parent company of the Ashley Madison extra marital affair (now ‘open minded’) dating website has agreed to pay a $1.6 million  penalty over its July 2015 data breach that exposed personal and payment details of 36 million of its users. The Canadian parent company named Ruby agreed to... Read more
Yahoo Admits To World’s Biggest Hack affecting 1 Billion Users
Yahoo has admitted that more than one billion of its user accounts may have been affected in a hacking attack dating back to 2013. Yahoo said the data stolen included names, phone numbers, passwords and email addresses, but crucially no credit card or bank payment details. Yahoo claims to... Read more
Holiday Phishing Scams Strike US Consumers
Amazon has grown to be one of the world’s largest retailers and most recognized brand logos, which is reason enough for scammers to attempt to use the company for phishing emails. Joining the ranks of long-time co-victim sites like PayPal and Visa, Amazon has recently been the reported association... Read more
Security Flaw Devices In Medical IoT Devices
No one ever wants to read a headline that includes the words “fatal” and “medical” in the same sentence, but that’s exactly what security experts are calling a newly discovered “fatal flaw” in connected medical implants. These devices, which rely on external updates, include implanted support tech like pacemakers,... Read more
Scrambling Code To Defeat Hackers
Don’t you just hate when a new software title comes out, and within a week some hacker has figured out where the hole in the code is? Those darn zero-day vulnerabilities! Fortunately, a new program might make weak code a thing of the past, and put a serious dent... Read more
Deutsche Telekom Hack Leaves Almost 1 Million Broadband Customers Without Internet
Hundreds of thousands of Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany had their broadband service cut off, or severely slowed, on Sunday following a Mirai-bot hack-attack on its hardware. As Sunday turned into Monday, the scale of the widespread attack on the maintenance interfaces of certain types broadband routers owned by Deutsche... Read more
US NAVY Sailor Data Hacked
So, who would have thought there would be two stories about the US Navy in less than a week on this site? (Not me anyway!) In the same week that the US Navy has had to defend itself against claims of Piracy (Software Piracy) it is now also finding itself investigating... Read more
US Continues Its Slow Roll Out Of EMV Cards
For consumers around the world, the process of paying for an item with a plastic card instead of currency is a common practice. But what isn’t so common–at least for around 90% of the non-US retailers–is the threat of stealing data and duplicating consumers’ stolen cards. Why? Because of... Read more
412 Million AdultFriendFinder Accounts Hacked
The adult dating service company Friend Finder Network has reportedly been hacked. According to the latest information available, the “world’s largest sex & swinger community” experienced a breach in October. The hack has resulted in over 412 million accounts, e-mail addresses and passwords from their network of websites being... Read more
Ransomware Attacks And Our Vehicles
A rash of ransomware attacks have left US hospitals and medical centers reeling from the aftereffects of having their networks locked and their patient information hanging in the balance. Part of the reason the facilities have suffered from data breach threats is because–quite frankly–they work. When hospitals are left... Read more