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How to Download and Play PS2 Games on PC
Scores of childhood (and adult) gaming memories were made thanks to the PlayStation 2.  In fact, many still have their trusty consoles and return to them for the beauty of nostalgia on a daily! The PS2 is the best-selling console of all time, with 157 million units sold —... Read more
How to Record Video Games on PC for YouTube
So, you want to be a YouTuber? It’s hardly surprising. YouTube has given people the world over the ability to share their hobbies and passions with the internet, and a relative handful of them have gone on to be huge stars who rake in a considerable amount of money.... Read more
How To Speed Up Your Mac For Gaming
Is your Mac slowing you down? Try these top tips for a boost. Macs and other Apple products come with a hefty price tag, but just ask any die-hard devotee—they’re worth it. Just because your old Mac device has a few miles under its belt, that doesn’t mean it... Read more
How To Play Games On Your Chromecast
While most of you probably bought a Chromecast to watch streaming videos on your television, the clever little device is capable of so much more. Have you considered the possibilities of playing games using your Chromecast? If you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and if you’ve got a... Read more
How to Play the Hidden Flappy Bird Game on Android Lollipop
We all love hidden games, did you know each version of Android has hidden Easter eggs popped in by bored developers? The latest Lollipop release is no exception. This time it’s a hidden version of possibly the most annoying surprise hit of 2013 a version of the FlappyBird game.... Read more
How To Play ZX Spectrum Classic Laser Squad Online
For those of a certain age, a small black box with a rainbow logo and rubber keys brings back many fond memories. The ZX Spectrum was a 8-bit computer that loaded it’s games from a cassette tape and was the progenitor of many a bedroom programmer. Despite it’s obvious... Read more
How To Use An Xbox 360 Wireless Gamepad For Your PC
Like most of you folks I like playing the occasional video game, but find I have no time.  I eventually made the decision it was time for the Xbox to go.  When I sold on my Xbox 360, I decided the controller might come in handy for gaming on... Read more