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So, you want to be a YouTuber? It’s hardly surprising. YouTube has given people the world over the ability to share their hobbies and... How to Record Video Games on PC for YouTube

So, you want to be a YouTuber? It’s hardly surprising. YouTube has given people the world over the ability to share their hobbies and passions with the internet, and a relative handful of them have gone on to be huge stars who rake in a considerable amount of money.

The arguable king of the YouTube castle is Swedish content creator Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie. Kjellberg has yet to see his 30th birthday, but has over 65 million subscribers and a net worth of around $30-50 million. PewDiePie has often drawn media attention for his controversial views. Nonetheless, he has gained mainstream popularity creating video game-based uploads which show him (over)reacting to horror games or engaging in multiplayer contests.

Hopefully you won’t be inspired by Kjellberg’s less savoury character traits, but you may want to attempt to capture his lightning in a bottle with some video game content of your own. So-called “Let’s Play” video game content is some of the most popular on the YouTube platform, so it’s a great way to get your views heading in the right direction.

game controller

Let’s plays and reviews

This type of content pretty much does what it says on the box. The content creator shows footage of people playing a game from start to finish, all the while delivering their thoughts and commentary on the experience.

“Let’s Plays” are normally reserved for single player experiences, and are great for viewers who want to see what a game plays like before making a purchase decision.

News and views

These are videos where content creators report on the latest goings-on in the video game industry and deliver their opinions on the state of play. The recent Loot Box controversy helped provide great fodder for these creators, and YouTubers such as Jim Sterling and YongYea have seen great success with these types of videos.

Reaction videos

These are the sorts of videos which PewDiePie made a name for himself on. The content creator plays a game – usually one which is either very scary or has a high level of difficulty, or both – and films their reactions while they do so.

Obviously, the more the content creator overreacts to the game, the more entertaining the video is for the viewer, so you’ll often see over-the-top screaming, shouting and slapstick, such as falling out of a chair with supposed terror. Reaction videos can be quite cringeworthy, but they are very popular.

Competitive gaming

Some people like games not to experience a story or to prove their ability against AI powered enemies, but to compete against other humans in hardcore tests of reactions and skill.

Multiplayer games such as Call of Duty or Fortnight allow people to create content of themselves taking part in team contests or brutal last-man-standing deathmatches for the entertainment of their viewers.


Popular with fans of creative and social games such as Minecraft or Roblox, these videos will typically involve the content creator moving around a world of their own design to tell a story.

How to record video games on PC for YouTube 

Whichever type of video game content you want to create, you’ll need a way to capture the footage of your game from your PC and turn it into an uploadable video in order to do so.

Thankfully, FileHippo has some great pieces of software for achieving just that.

Mirillis Action!


With Mirillis Action!, you get a stylish and easy-to-use video capture platform. You can record and stream your Windows desktop, music recording, and screenshot captures in brilliant HD quality, complete with multiple features to include webcam footage and microphone commentary.

  • User-friendly and stylish interface
  • Greenscreen mode
  • Device and screen recording
  • Live stream to popular streaming services
  • Time-shift recording
  • High performance, high quality recording, and streaming
  • Audio recording
  • Optimised video player
  • Slow motion effects
  • Free Android app

Mirillis Action! Also comes with a library of video tutorials to help you get started with capturing your video game footage.

Icecream Screen Recorder

icecream screen recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is a professional grade yet easy-to-use piece of screen capture software. You can record any video content in HD, and use a host of great tools to spruce it up and get it ready for uploading.

  • Area selection
  • Drawing panel
  • Project history
  • Add custom watermark
  • Add webcam recording
  • Zoom while recording
  • Screenshot to URL
  • Configure custom hotkeys
  • Scheduled screen recording

To keep your video true to your YouTube brand, you can add a custom watermark to your content.

Filmora Scrn

filmora scrn screen recorder video editor

Filmora Scrn is a lightweight and resource-friendly tool filled with features, and is suitable for users of all levels. It has a modern and intuitive design, can import over 50 file formats, and export to MP4, MOV and GIF.

  • Screen recording made easy
  • Simultaneously record 2 devices
  • Picture in picture support
  • Full editing suite
  • Effect tools
  • 15-120 FPS
  • Custom recording field
  • Visual effect tools
  • Import over 50 file formats
  • Modern intuitive interface

The picture in picture facility makes Filmora Scrn particularly useful for video game content, as it allows you to show yourself and the game footage simultaneously. Perfect for reaction videos.

Final Thoughts

Now should have everything you need to go out there and start making great video game content for YouTube.

Don’t forget to head over to FileHippo and take a peek at our huge library of great software. 

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