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How To Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop For iOS
Chrome Remote Desktop has been a service from Google that has been around for a while now, in fact, it’s been knocking around for years. The service basically allowed users to gain access to a Mac or Windows computer from another computer or an Android device. Up until now... Read more
Coinbase Releases A Redesigned Bitcoin Wallet App
Coinbase, the Bitcoin wallet app is now looking fresh and sleek after the app’s latest redesign. Along with the new design, the app also has a flurry of new and improved updates. This new makeover has come to both iOS and Android and it mostly appears to give users... Read more
Apple Reverse Airplay Patented
The ability to stream your content from your tablet computer or your Smartphone to your TV is, needless to say, very cool. Whether you accomplish this through a media usb stick or have a dedicated server running specific software, the effect is fundamentally the same. One of the main reasons... Read more
Disneyworld To Accept Apple Pay & Google Wallet
Walt Disney World is one place that my wife has always wanted to holidays. Personally, I don’t want to stand in the long queues or drive around endless parking lots. Bu,t one reason I have held off so far is the cash. I really don’t want to have to always... Read more
Continuity: How to Disable Calls On iPad
Apple are great innovators. They make great products, which are well built and have some amazing features. With the announcement of OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Apple introduced a great new feature called, Continuity. This feature allows you to field phone calls and text messages from your iOS devices and... Read more
Minecraft Arrives On Windows Phone
It looks like Microsoft has finally persuaded Mojang to port Minecraft to Windows Phone, following the $2.5 billion acquisition of the small studio. Minecraft is available on almost every platform, including iOS and Android, but has not made its Windows Phone until today. The lack of users on Windows... Read more
How to Share a Photostream with Non Apple Devices
I find using Apple‘s iCloud Photo Sharing service really useful for sending your favourite moments to all you favourite people. The service not only lets you share Photo Streams with other people using an iOS device, i.e. iPhone and iPad owners, but the service also provides you with a... Read more
How to Erase your Download Logs in OS X
If you didn’t already know, Mac OS X keeps a continuous log of every file that you download, from MP3’s to PDF’s and everything in between. The only exception to this is apps from the Mac App Store. The system is set up that way, so in the event... Read more
iPod Turned 13 Last Week!

iPod Turned 13 Last Week!

News October 30, 2014

Apple sure knows how to make a guy feel old. Do you remember your first iPod? Well, it turns out that as of 10/23/2001, the original iPod is officially 13 years-old. I can still remember a friend of mine owning an iPod while I was much too broke as... Read more
How to Preserve Battery Life on iPhone 6 Running iOS 8
Have you bought the new iPhone 6 or 6+? Perhaps after using it for a short period of time, you have noticed the battery life isn’t what you would like. Is iOS 8 is draining the life out of your new handset. The latest software update makes the operating... Read more
Microsoft to Launch Wearable Soon
Everybody and their mother is jumping on the wearable bandwagon and Microsoft is no exception. Microsoft is planning to launch their own wearable fitness band in the foreseeable future. Forbes has reported the announcement is due “within the next few weeks.” Apparently sources have said the launch of Microsoft’s wearable fitness... Read more
PhotoMath App Will do your Math Homework for you
Let me be really honest for just a minute here. I hate math. It’s not that I seriously dislike, or even loathe it – I really cannot stand it. Here’s the simple reason for my mathematical disdain: I’m not good at it. At all. It doesn’t matter how many... Read more
How to Create Custom Ringtones for your iPhone
When you get your brand new iPhone, un-box it and start to play with it, isn’t it great to start messing around with all your settings, set your apps on your home screen, just how you like them, you know, things like that?  Then you come to setting up... Read more
Adobe Launches CC Range of iOS Apps
Finally, Adobe has announced its new collection of apps that are currently accessible on the Apple App Store. Adobe has decided to focus on making its mobile software simple and easy to use.  There are four types that sync with the desktop PC: Illustration, Imaging, Video and Creative Cloud Capture... Read more
iPhone & iPhone 6 Plus Gets Support For Gmail
With the development of larger displays for all kinds of Smart devices, such as tablet computers and mobile telephones, developers have been working to ensure, amongst other things, the size of the text is readable on larger displays. In line with this, software developers at Google have updated the Gmail app... Read more
iOS8 Glitch Spotted By Microsoft So They Up Storage On OneDrive To 30GB
In the wake of iPhone 6, Microsoft is offering 30GB of OneDrive space for free through a limited-time offer.  The technology giant had doubled its free OneDrive offer from 7.5GB to 15GB in June of this year, but they have now doubled it again to a fairly decent 30GB of... Read more
The Best New Must-Have iOS Apps
So now that we know the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus are official, you’re going to need some cool new apps for your cool new phone! Here is our pick of the best new  iOS apps. Photo Sphere Camera Image 1 of 8 There is now a Photo Sphere... Read more
Microsoft Bringing Back The MSN Brand For Mobile Apps
MSN might still be a messenger service for a lot of people, but Microsoft is trying to move the brand away from the 1995 online service and into a new era of news and social aggregation, in a new bid to keep the brand alive. The re-branding of MSN... Read more