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Microsoft AI Now Translates Chinese To English At Same Level As Humans
Microsoft announces ‘historic milestone’ and has developed Artificial Intelligence that can translate Chinese News to English as accurately as any human. According to the Microsoft blog, researchers at the company’s US and Asian labs believe they have created the first machine translation system that can accurately translate sentences of... Read more
Microsoft Embarks On Massive Solar Project In Singapore
Tech giant reaches agreement to purchase 100% of the renewable energy from a new 60MW solar project in Singapore. The deal marks Microsoft’s first ever clean energy facility in Asia and as a by-product will create the single-largest solar energy portfolio in the city state of Singapore to date. Christian... Read more
Microsoft Promises To Delete Software That Scares People Into Upgrading
Microsoft say that ‘bullying software’ such as cleaners and optimizers that try to ‘scare’ PC users into paying for upgrades, will be detected and removed. Starting March 1st, Windows Defender Antivirus and other associated Microsoft security products will classify programs that display bullying messages and use scare-tactic marketing as... Read more
Microsoft CEO: World Needs Quantum Computers
Satya Nadella warns world is quickly “running our of computing capacity”. In a key note speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella issued a stark warning that the world is quickly running out of the computing capacity it needs to tackle the advanced problems humanity is... Read more
Google, Microsoft And Amazon Join Forces To Appeal FCC Net Neutrality Ruling
Several of the US’s Major internet firms have banded together to form a group known as the Internet Association with the sole intention of suing the FCC and preventing the government body from overturning the Title 2 2015 net neutrality rules. The IA which is backed by heavyweight tech... Read more
Russia Buys Microsoft Products In Spite Of Sanctions
Procurement database shows purchases of Microsoft products. For years, American travel to Cuba was strictly controlled and often impossible, to the point that many people believed it was actually forbidden. What was accurate, though, was that sanctions were imposed by the US government, making it illegal for an American... Read more
Microsoft Draws The Final Curtain On Windows 10 Mobile
Platform will only receive bug fixes and security patches going forward. Microsoft has admitted that it has no plans to release any new hardware or software for its Windows 10 Mobile and the platform will only receive bug fixes and security patches going forward, effectively ending Microsoft’s current journey... Read more
Microsoft Close To Releasing Quantum Computer Programming Code
New language is for super-computers that don’t currently exist. Microsoft has revealed that it’s looking to get a head start on the rest of the competition when it comes to quantum computing, with the announcement that it’s to release a new programming language designed to be used with quantum... Read more
Alexa, Open Cortana: Microsoft And Amazon To Integrate Cortana and Alexa
Tech giants announce first-of-its-kind collaboration. “Alexa has made a new friend,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tweeted to announce a major collaboration between the two tech giants. So it turns out, both Amazon and Microsoft have been working together for the last 12 months to make Alexa and Cortana BFFs.... Read more
Microsoft To Cut Thousands of Jobs Worldwide
Decision comes as company increases focus on cloud computing. Microsoft has confirmed speculation in the industry that it will to lay off thousands of workers as the tech giant moves further into its cloud computing operations, namely Azure. Microsoft plans to cut “thousands” of jobs, with a majority of... Read more
Microsoft Reveals New Xbox One X Console
New console the most powerful – and most expensive – in the world. Microsoft has unveiled its latest games console, imaginatively titled, the Xbox One X, ahead of this year’s E3 2017 event.  Previously known under the name “Project Scorpio,” news of the Xbox One X was first confirmed... Read more
Kaspersky Launches Antitrust Complaint Against Microsoft To EU
Claim centres on its anti-virus being disabled by Windows 10 upgrade. The Russian security software maker Kaspersky Labs, has filed antitrust complaints against Microsoft with the European Commission, the German federal cartel office, and the Russian anti-monopoly office. Kaspersky claims that Microsoft is exploiting its dominant market share with... Read more
Microsoft Working On New Windows Based Phone? Set To Release In 2018? Maybe!
Rumours circulate of new Windows Mobile operating system (OS) and possible handsets and hardware to go with it. While Microsoft has all but given up on its current ‘Windows Phone’ support and development, the tech firm is reportedly working on yet another mobile experience. The news, if the normally... Read more
Microsoft Fix ‘Crazy Bad Bug’ In Windows Malware Scanner
Windows Bug Found By Project Zero Researchers A zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Windows malware scanners, such as Defender, could have allowed hackers to take control of Windows computers with a single email… that users might not even have read. The vulnerability was quickly named as possibly the worst Windows remote... Read more
Microsoft Edge Edges Out Other Browsers In Battery Test – Again
Microsoft claims Edge browser lasts longer and uses less power than the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox; beating Chrome by three hours andd Firefox by almost five! Microsoft says that a device running its Edge browser will last almost 80% longer than Firefox, and 35% longer than Chrome. Microsoft puts... Read more
Google And Microsoft To Relegate Piracy Search Results In The UK
Two of the world’s leading search engines, Google and Bing have pledged to make it harder for internet users to find pirated content. Both Google and Microsoft have entered the voluntary agreement with the British government that will see their respective search engines make piracy websites harder to find... Read more
2016: A Retrospective From My Point Of View
So, that’s it, 2016 is pretty much over and 2017 is fast approaching. But before this year is finally gone and buried, I thought I might take the time to review the news stories of the year that caught my eye. A lot happened this year, and while not... Read more
Kaspersky Claims Microsoft Antivirus Practices Are Anti-Competitive
Eugene Kaspersky, the founder of cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs has accused Microsoft of deliberately making it difficult for independent 3rd party anti-virus companies to compete. In a blog post entitled, “Enough is Enough,” Kaspersky says that Microsoft is abusing its dominant position in the market, and is using business... Read more