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Windows 10 Updates To Shrink In Size
For what seems like a long time now, Microsoft have been assuring its users that smaller updates for its flagship Windows 10 operating system were on their way. Now it seems they might just about to make good on that promise. The Redmond, Washington based tech giant has begun... Read more
Google Alerts Public To Zero-Day Vulnerability
No one ever wants to hear bad news, but Google has made a company policy out of it. At least that’s the explanation it has offered as to why the company releases bad news to the public, even when it isn’t their bad news to share. Backing up, Google... Read more
Next Windows 10 Update To Cut Down On Bloatware
Latest Preview build allows users to uninstall some of the default Windows 10 apps. For many Windows 10 users, some of the system apps that come preinstalled with Windows 10 by default, qualify as little more than Microsoft’s own unique brand of irremovable bloatware. Trying to remove some of... Read more
Moscow Dumps Microsoft

Moscow Dumps Microsoft

EmailNews September 29, 2016

Moscow has announced that it is to begin moving the email software on thousands of the city’s computers away from Microsoft towards home grown options. The city is to start by removing Microsoft Exchange server and Microsoft Outlook on 6,000 computers. According to a report by, email systems... Read more
Microsoft Working To Cure Cancer
Forbes magazine’s Gene Marks may have said it best: “Microsoft announced that it’s going to cure cancer. I’m assuming they’ll do this after my Window 10 upgrade problems get repaired, of course.” And sure, the people who brought you not only the Windows 10 rollout debacle but Windows Vista... Read more
Microsoft Back In Court Against A Known Pirate
One of the universal truths about civil litigation is that you can’t get blood from a turnip. The old phrase refers to the practice of suing the “bigger fish,” such as suing the entire fast food chain for the actions of a lowly hourly wage employee, because being awarded... Read more
In With The Old: Macro-Based Malware Is Back
As if IT guys and cybersecurity pros didn’t have enough to worry about, some of the old tactics for spreading malicious software are back, taking tech users by surprise in the process. Macro-based malware, which was pretty much abandoned after word got out that it was a known virus... Read more
Windows 10 Updates: Hello Night Mode
The next Windows 10 update looks like it might be getting a new ‘night mode’ and it’s probably about time. As anyone who’s ever used any versions of Windows from the current no 10 version all the way back to the early 90s and Windows 3.1, the colour of... Read more
Windows 10 Anniversary Update Breaks Webcams Globally
Microsoft’s big first anniversary update (the biggest update since it launched last year) for its flagship OS, Windows 10, has come under for fire for causing certain types of webcams to freeze and be unusable.   The problem seems to reside in the way that Microsoft have made changes to the... Read more
Apple Adds New Privacy To iOS…Thanks To Microsoft
In the current technology climate, privacy is every bit a commodity as the latest consumer gadget. With more and more everyday tech users understanding the ramifications of turning over control of their information to a corporation or the government, there’s big money to be made in guaranteeing that no... Read more
Windows 10 Driver Kernels Just Made The OS Safer
Microsoft are doubling down on their efforts to make Windows 10 more secure by announcing that all drivers for fresh installs of the operating system will now have to be digitally signed by the Redmond based business. Admittedly Microsoft have made this statement before, last year in fact, when... Read more
Microsoft Cuts 2,850 Staff As Windows Phone Runs Out Of Charge
So it probably came as no surprise that when Microsoft announced they were leaving the smart phone business earlier this year, that there would be job losses. What has come as a surprise however is that the company has revealed that number of staff facing the axe is more... Read more
The Clock’s Ticking On A Free Windows 10 Upgrade
If you’re one of the many people who shunned the new Windows 10 operating system when the early negatives came out, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is you weren’t one of the ones who experienced disappointing results, but the bad news is that you’re missing... Read more
Microsoft Threatened By French Watchdog
Microsoft risks fines unless it complies with a three-month ultimatum from France’s data privacy watchdog, CNIL, to stop collecting masses of data and tracking Windows 10 users without their consent, and importantly, transferring data outside the EU to ‘safe harbour’ locations, all in violation of French law. CNIL can... Read more
US Gov’t Can’t Force Microsoft To Hand Over Foreign Data
Microsoft has won a major court appeal that has enabled it to prevent handing over email data located on servers in the Republic of Ireland to US authorities. Microsoft had been challenging an earlier court decision that had granted the US Department of Justice a warrant seeking emails stored... Read more
Windows 10: What Happens When The Upgrade Timer Runs Out?
Can Windows 10 really be almost a year old? What will happen after July 29th? Does even Microsoft know? Well, probably, but it isn’t like their telling anybody…. For some of us it may only seem like yesterday we backed up our files, crossed our fingers, and got our... Read more
Microsoft Shells Out $10000 For Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade
Microsoft has found itself in the position of paying a California woman $10,000 compensation over an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade, that left her computer unusable. Teri Goldstein took Microsoft to court after she said her Windows 7 computer automatically started updating itself to Windows 10… without her permission. The... Read more
Bloatware Free Windows 10 Courtesy of Microsoft?
Microsoft may be listening to the masses with their new clean Windows 10 install tool. Windows 10 power users have always found it a relatively simple process to remove all the bloatware that comes with Microsoft’s current Operating system thanks to their intricate knowledge and use of power shell... Read more