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Tech Industry Takes A Stand On Immigrant Separation
Google, Apple, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Tesla, and YouTube are among those weighing in. When it comes to the political sphere, the business sector plays an obvious role. After all, the decisions made in the halls of government have an impact on the ways businesses operate. But several tech... Read more
Uber, Lyft To Try More Enviro-Friendly Options
Uber and Lyft make plans to add electric scooters to their current fleet. While trendy startups that offer services to the public like ride sharing and accommodations are gaining ground in the current gig economy, there’s little doubt that they’re also changing the consumer landscape in ways that may... Read more
France And Germany To Fund EU Startups To Compete Against Global Tech Heavyweights
Fears that the EU is lagging behind China and USA in developing its own technology companies has raised calls for Europe to invest in its own potential. Both France and Germany have begun pushing for an EU-wide initiative to help fund innovation and research in technology start-ups across the... Read more
Google Drops ‘Don’t Be Evil’ From Code Of Conduct
News has emerged that Google’s famous “Don’t Be Evil” motto seems to have been quietly removed from its code of conduct. Instead the phrase,which used to appear several times throughout Google’s code of conduct seems to have been replaced by rather more vague and ambiguous terms like “ethical business... Read more
Amazon Lashes Out At Seattle ‘Head Tax’
City council ruling causes anger within tech sector and beyond. Ever since Jeff Bezos grew his little online bookstore into a Midas-style money making machine, lawmakers have been scrambling for ways to get a piece of their profits. The wave of so-called “Amazon Taxes” that swept the country a... Read more
Senators Call For FCC Investigation Of Their Identity Theft
Comments appear to have been made by bot accounts. The Federal Communications Commission has been in the public eye lately–far more than in most previous years, considering what they do–for attacks on the internet as most users know it. At the heart of the issue is net neutrality, which... Read more
Employees Banned From Using USB Drives At IBM…
… and all other removable media. IBM has announced to its workers that they are no longer allowed to use USB sticks or any other form of portable data, including DVDs, SD cards, and even data stored on their phones. The ban will affect employees at every IBM facility... Read more
Apple Pulls Plug On $1Billion Irish Data Center
Apple has announced that after three years of planning delays and numerous planning appeals, that it has canceled its plans for a $1 billion dollar data center it had hoped to build in Athenry, Ireland. Despite the fact that the new data center would have provided hundred of jobs,... Read more
Microsoft Targeted E-Recycler For Counterfeiting Free Software
Man faces 15-month jail sentence and $50,000 fine. The tech industry has a two-fold problem when it comes to meeting consumers’ needs. First, the days of repairing or upgrading your own tech–at least for the moderately skilled consumer–may be on the way out. Proprietary tools and hard cases now... Read more
Lyft Announces Major Carbon Offset Initiative
Ride-hailing app maker will become one of the largest carbon-offset companies in the world. The ride-hailing industry may have been built on the concepts of reducing the number of cars on the road and incorporating convenience into ground transportation, but the reality has yet to produce major environmental benefits.... Read more
Facebook Faces Summons In UK
Mark Zuckerberg faces formal summons from UK MPs. It’s been a tough year or so for Facebook. From allegations of supporting (if not outright colluding with) foreign interests who may have swayed the presidential election with political ads to accusations that user data was harvested, sold, and allowed to... Read more
Cambridge Analytica Closes Doors After Facebook Data Harvesting Scandal
The data gathering firm at the epicenter of Facebook privacy row has closed its offices and started insolvency proceedings. Cambridge Analytica, has announced in a statement it is closing its business down after fighting months of accusations that it improperly obtained the personal information of thousands of Facebook users... Read more
Orangeworm Attacks Vulnerable Medical Industry
Hacker group’s activity first picked up by Symantec cybersecurity. When patients think of cutting edge medical innovation, things like the Leonardo camera-guided robotic surgery come to mind, or the ability to send a capsule-sized camera through the digestive tract to diagnose potentially life-threatening medical conditions. Most people probably aren’t... Read more
Cambridge Researcher May Sue Facebook Over Data Breach Allegations
Aleksandr Kogan considers his position in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The recent Facebook data breach–which Facebook has taken great pains to point out was not a typical data breach–has metaphorically opened a lot of people’s eyes to how their data is gathered, stored, and used by... Read more
New FCC Advisor Arrested For Fraud
Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee member, Elizabeth Pierce, arrested and then resigns. The current US presidential administration has faced a lot of backlash over some of its more notable appointees, but when its troubles with the tech industry collided with those appointees, it made news. Following last year’s net neutrality fiasco,... Read more
Iceland’s ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’ Mastermind Escapes ‘On PM’s plane’
Audacious escape by cybercurrency criminal like a movie plot. The alleged criminal mastermind behind the theft of 600 bitcoin mining computers in Iceland escaped from custody, and wrangled his was to Sweden on the same jet that was carrying the Icelandic prime minister. Sindri Thor Stefansson was one of 22 suspects... Read more
Zuckerberg Testifies Before US Congress
Showdown over Facebook accountability following Cambridge Analytica scandal.  It’s an understatement to say that Mark Zuckerberg is going through a bit of a rough patch. His company has been called out on the worldwide stage for multiple privacy violations and data breaches, secret projects involving users’ medical records have come... Read more
Uber’s Toyota Deal On Hold?
Fatal accident likely to put collaboration on hold.  Earlier this week, embattled Uber announced it would be suspending all self-driving vehicle tests in light of its car killing an Arizona woman. Some early reports indicate the car may have not attempted to slow down as it approached the pedestrian, despite... Read more