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Pac-Man Creator And Video Game Legend Masaya Nakamura Dies
Masaya Nakamura, the founder of video game company Namco and the man behind Pac-Man, the highest grossing arcade title of all time, has died at the age of 91.   Nakamura was a legendary figure during the nascent period of arcade gaming during the late 1970s and early 1980s.... Read more
Trump Games Taking Over App Stores
With all the media attention – hourly, if you’ve been following along for any amount of time – focused on the PEOTUS right now, it’s easy to forget that he’s already been something of a celebrity for the past few decades. He’s even been a past political figure in... Read more
Gamer’s Funeral Live Streamed On Internet
In a sign of just how far and how integrated the on-line gaming community has become, the funeral of a 24-year-old professional has been streamed live on video gaming platform Twitch. Philip “Phizzurp” Klemenov, a well-known pro gamer and live streamer had his life tragically cut short when he was involved... Read more
Disney Drops Infinity Video Game
It’s a sad day when a corporation has to make an announcement like this, and even sadder when word gets out that a really cool platform is on the chopping block. This week, Disney announced that not only will they be ending the Infinity video game project, but they... Read more
Space Invaders, Sonic, GTA III And Others Join Video Games Hall Of Fame
I’m fairly sure that back in 1978 when Space Invaders was first released that even in their wildest dreams, its programmers never imagined that one-day video games would have become so mainstream that the 40-year-old coin-op machine would one day get its own place in the World Video Game... Read more
AI experimentation heads to Minecraft.
Microsoft, owner of the evergreen popular video game, Minecraft, have announced the news that pro computer scientists and casual amateurs will now be able to help evaluate and develop Artificial Intelligence software by simply playing the game. The aim of the AI project, known as AIX, will be to... Read more
Game Piracy Has Just 2 Years Left
The founder of the infamous Chinese based cracking forum 3DM has said that the days of people playing pirated games are drawing to a close, because it’s just becoming too difficult. The issue for game pirates is that the encryption software being used by game developers is becoming harder... Read more
Download Halo: Spartan Strike And Blow Stuff Up
Got a gaming itch you just can’t scratch because Halo: Guardians doesn’t launch until the holidays? Never fear! Microsoft released an installment in the franchise, Halo: Spartan Strike, and it’s sure to satisfy your explosive good-guys-vs-ugly-aliens urges. Releasing for PC, Steam, iPhone, iPad, and Windows 8 phones/devices, players can... Read more
Codemasters Confirms F1 2015 Release Date
Undoubtedly, the F1 series is a masterpiece of coding. The games are up to the minute with detailed information about tracks, drivers and importantly the cars themselves. In F1 2014 the cars had a new handling model and the visuals were a sharp upgrade on the previous year’s game,... Read more
PlayStation 4 Finally Gets New Suspend/Resume Feature
It’s a day PlayStation 4 users have been waiting for since 2013 – the day when they’d finally be able to suspend and resume their games without having to save and load them again from the home screen. Saving and loading games can be such a hassle; I can... Read more
Nintendo Next Gen Console Coming: Codename NX
Like most people my age, the original ‘Mario’ games have a massive appeal, both when they were released back in the day, and today as retro classics. Again, like most people, I was more than a tad annoyed at Nintendo’s decision not to advance their business model into the mobile... Read more
Nintendo Games Coming To Mobiles & Tablets
As a gamer, I freely admit that I have longed to see Nintendo games available to download via an App Store. I don’t even care which App Store that may be. Now, however, is a red letter day in the Nintendo calendar as the Japanese gaming giant has officially... Read more
Destiny Named Best Game at British Academy Game Awards
And the winner is… At this year’s British Academy Game Awards, the first person post apocalyptic shooter, Destiny won the coveted prize of best game. The first-person shooter was developed by Bungie and it was the US studio’s first release after stopping development on the Halo series. The title has... Read more
Prepare Your Hard Drives, Star Citizen Will Feature 100GB of Content
Roberts Space Industries has been working on its mega space simulation experience Star Citizen for three years now. In that time, it has invested in side content, visual upgrades and a steady line of preliminary updates. The total accumulation of additional content to the space exploration game will incur... Read more
Making Of Grand Theft Auto To Be Subject Of BBC Show
There are now all kinds of television shows on the air I never thought I’d see, such as: Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo, Toddlers and Tiaras, Teen Mom, and my personal favorite, Dance Moms. It seems just about anything counts as entertainment, and proving my point, a new show documenting the making of the... Read more
Batman Arkham Knight Goes Mature For The First Time
Let me be honest for a minute here; I love Batman, and I love video games. So naturally, I’ve played several games featuring the Dark Knight over the years, and let’s just face it – some of them have been a lot better than others. I remember one for... Read more
Google Launches Player Analytics For Game Devs
The new Player Analytics tool is coming to Google Play Developer Console in the next few weeks. The new tool has been designed to give developers lots of data, from reports of sessions and average spending patterns to how players are progressing through their games. As a developer you... Read more
Xbox Live Gold Gets A Price Cut
If you have an Xbox One or even an Xbox 360 and have been waiting for a great reason to purchase an Xbox Live Gold subscription, there’s probably not going to be a better time than right now to get one. Microsoft have announced that they’re cutting the price... Read more