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You Can Now Whisper To Alexa…But Why?
Amazon’s Alexa can now listen and respond to whispers, but will she whisper back? Amazon has finally unveiled a feature that its Alexa/Echo virtual assistant has needed for a long, long time: the ability to respond to a whisper. Unfortunately, the programmers forgot to give Alexa a crucial feature... Read more
Google And Orange Team Up To Lay New Data Cable Between US and France 
Google and Telecoms giant, Orange have officially announced a new partnership to work on laying the ‘Dunant’ transatlantic submarine cable. The new 6,600-kilometer-long data cable will be laid across the floor of the Atlantic Ocean and connect France and the United States. “I am extremely proud to announce this collaboration with Google to build a... Read more
American Life Insurer Adds Fitness Tracking To All Policies 
Smart move, or the beginning of a privacy nightmare?  The North American life insurance company, John Hancock, has announced that it will no longer underwrite traditional life insurance policies, and instead only sell ‘interactive’ policies that include optional fitness tracking through wearable gadgets and devices. The move by the 156 year-old company follows... Read more
Apple Live Event: How Did They Improve The iPhone?
Apple unveiled the next generation of iPhones at the annual Apple Event CEO Tim Cook took the stage of the Steve Jobs Theater on Wednesday to share a few innovations from the Cupertino tech company, and the iPhone got its own special segment. After expounding on the great features... Read more
Apple Live Event: Next Gen Apple Watch S4 Is a Lifesaver
Apple has revealed the next generation Apple Watch S4, and here’s what you need to know On Wednesday, Apple kicked off a highly-anticipated live event from Steve Jobs Theater at its Cupertino headquarters. The Mission: Impossible theme, plenty of humorous throwaways, and a running agent, complete with furniture hurdles... Read more
No, Your iPhone Isn’t Listening To Everything, Apple Says
Apple have insisted in a letter to US Federal authorities that despite the number of conspiracy theories going around, iPhones only listen to their users when they use the ‘Hey Siri’ trigger phrase. Apple has also said that there is a clear visual indicator that lets users know when Siri is listening, to a... Read more
Teen Pleads Guilty In Apple Hacking Case
Kids these days, right? A little juvenile mischief used to involve shoplifting a pack of gum or spray painting your name on a bridge outside of town. Now, it involves hacking into the world’s first trillion-dollar company, Apple, over the course of about one year. An unnamed Australian teenager–his... Read more
Google Play Store Bans Crypto-Mining Apps And Cleans Up Others
Google has followed up on earlier announcements to further regulate apps available from its Play Store by banning cryptocurrency mining apps, and making a plethora of other prohibitions in other genres including those with disruptive advertising, sexual content in childrens apps, and those that purport to facilitate the selling... Read more
LEO Workaround For Apple Anti-Snooping Tech
The fight between Apple and the FBI continues… Apple has had a long-time adversary when it comes to invasion of privacy, namely, local, state, and even federal governments. The tech giant was at one time embroiled in a lengthy, expensive legal battle over breaking into a user’s iPhone, specifically... Read more
What’s New With The Apple HomePod?
The latest update aims to bring more features to user devices – and make it worth the money. In the home virtual assistant sphere, Amazon’s Echo has pretty much barreled through the gates and managed to stay in the lead, at least in terms of consumer response and brand... Read more
Apple To Begin Publishing Global Government App Takedown Requests
…but not the ones it takes down itself. Apple has announced that it will soon start providing statistics for app takedown requests from governments around the world. The news comes in the tech giant’s latest Transparency Report that it publishes bi-annually. The aim of the report is to highlight... Read more
GPS Yourself Into Your Next Read
Ambient Lit project aims to immerse smartphone users with stories influenced by GPS data It might seem like e-reading and digital publishing have been around for ages, but the current digital revolution isn’t very old. While tech fans have been reading digital files off of small screens since Project... Read more
Exploding iPhone Blamed On Overheating
Cause uncertain but the effects are clear to see.  A viral video from a cellular repair shop’s surveillance camera is making the rounds, showing a potentially dangerous explosion. In the video, an employee of the Las Vegas shop can be seen working at a counter–some accounts say he was... Read more
New Microsoft ‘Your Phone’ App Will Mirror Features On Windows 10 PCs
Microsoft has unveiled its new ‘Your Phone’ app for Windows 10, at its Build developer conference. The app is designed to provide a mirror of users phones straight onto desktop Pcs running Windows 10, and will let them access texts, photos, and notifications from their computers without having to... Read more
Apple Offers Another Battery Replacement
Apple Watch warranty now extended to cover battery replacement – on some models, at least. No matter how great a product is, nothing is completely infallible; that’s when a great warranty and great customer service come in to smooth the hurt that a defective, expensive gadget causes. Apple came... Read more
Password Hashing An Issue For MyFitnessPal Breach
Hack exposed 150 million users’ accounts, but could have been much worse. As data breaches go, a company and the victims are lucky if only a couple million accounts were stolen, or if the data was nothing more than passwords and some birth dates. Recent large-scale events have included... Read more
Russia Blocks Millions Of IP Addresses In Battle To Ban Telegram App
Millions of Amazon and Google IPs allegedly blocked in botched attempt to ban privacy messenger. The Telegram messaging app was banned in Russia last week due to its refusal to turn over encryption keys to authorities.  Russia’s internet watchdog, Roskomnadzor, is accused of using using brute force internet blocking... Read more
Apple Now 100% Powered From Clean Renewable Energy
Equivalent to taking almost a 500,000 cars off the road annually, say Apple. Everything Apple owns, from data centers to retail stores, is now powered with clean energy. Apple CEO Tim Cook says the move is the culmination of years of work, and a significant milestone for the tech... Read more