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Twitter Launches Mobile Video Camera and Group Direct Messaging
Twitter have revealed in a blog post that they have started rolling out two fresh new features: group messaging and a new mobile video experience. If you want to have a private conversation on Twitter, then you can. This is a great addition to the vastly public experience that... Read more
The Best Viral Moments Of 2014 That Broke The Internet
2014 was certainly the year of the selfie, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce stealing the limelight when it came to Instagram and Twitter. However, who can forget the amazing Oscar selfie courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres or the scandal involving naked pictures and numerous celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence... Read more
“My Day On A Plate” Goes Viral!
The founder of juice company Plenish, Kara Rosen revealed her daily diet in an interview with the Telegraph for the article “My day on a plate”. She explains how she starts the day with hot water and lemon, followed by a green juice to stop her stomach rumbling –... Read more
US Military Twitter Account Hacked
Both the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the United States military command were recently suspended for hours following a hack by a group claiming to back Islamic State. A message on Centcom’s Twitter feed said: “American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back.” The message was signed by ISIS,... Read more
Bank Of England To Use Social Media To Predict Economic Trends
Finance is a very complicated business isn’t it? Inflation, interest rates, foreign currency rates, borrowing, lending, mortgages and business loans etc. all make for a set of parameters that are in constant flux. It’s no wonder that the banks turn to technology to assist them in the use information... Read more
Top Twitter Moments of 2014
As 2014 draws to a close, now would be great time to re-live and discover some of the year’s most iconic and global moments that will enter the history books. Everything from the WorldCup to the Comet Landing and everything in between got people tweeting. Here are some of... Read more
Alliance of Companies Condemn Title II Broadband Reclassification
A large group of tech companies with interests in the net neutrality debate have sent an open letter to Congress and the FCC, opposing the reclassification of broadband under Title II common carrier—a move supported by current President Barack Obama. The reclassification—according to the “Telecommunications Industry Association”—will affect investment... Read more
Instagram Hits 300 Million Mark
The Facebook owned, photo-sharing social network, Instagram, announced on Wednesday of this week that it has more than 300 million users at the same time unveiling a new system to authenticate it’s celebrity members. The new update means that Instagram has for the first time overtaken it’s rival, Twitter.... Read more
Snapchat Update Lets Users Send Money to Friends
It might not seem wise to let a bunch of young kids send money to each other, but Snapchat is in desperate need to show investors it can generate revenue. In partnership with Square – a finance and merchant supplier – Snapchat will now offer a simple way to... Read more
The Worst Corporate Twitter Fails
Twitter is arguably one of the most powerful tools for companies to interact with customers and fans, however at the same time it can also be one of the most dangerous, with humorous hashtags often backfiring. In worst case scenarios some tweets have majorly offended, insulted or just downright... Read more
How to Get More Followers on Twitter
If you use Twitter regularly, you’ll have noticed that they are now pushing users into buying promotional packages. Twitter introduced promoted tweets way back in March 2012 and they have been met with mixed results from users ever since, many find them an annoyance, an invasion into their personal... Read more
Twitter Acquires TwitPic Before Shut-Down
Twitpic has had a confusing month, with creator Noah Everett announcing the death of the service, then the revival, then the death again, and now the final acquisition from Twitter. Just over a month ago, Twitpic announced they would be going offline. Everett cited legal battles with Twitter over... Read more
Twitter Buy Button to Launch Next Year‏
Twitter is looking to expand its revenue streams, with a new Buy button inside the microblogging site. This would allow users to buy products advertized right from Twitter, instead of clicking a link to a new webpage. This is not the first social network to embrace internal product sales.... Read more
Apple Maps Connect Helps Small Businesses
A couple of years back, in 2012 Tim Cook apologized for Apple Maps, he promised to do everything possible in order to make the app better. The fiasco was a huge blinder for the firm, but things have been looking up for a while now, with new improvements and this latest... Read more
Study Reveals Social Networks Make People Distrustful & Unhappy
Social networks have created ways to connect with people all around the world, to reconnect with people that you haven’t spoken to in years and to find new people on the Internet, but most people use social networks, like Facebook, to keep in contact with close friends, who only... Read more
Is Twitter Moving Into E-Commerce?
There has been an interesting turn of events this week in the social media sphere.  Twitter may possibly be planning a move into the e-commerce field.  A number of different users noticed a new, and apparently inactive, setting for “payment and shipping” inside the Twitter Android app. This setting was first... Read more
FDA Encouraging Pharmaceutical Firms To Tweet About Drug Side Effects
Do you use Twitter?  Millions of people do!  Television, sports’events and various other social events can be followed, keeping you up to date and in the know!  Now another organisation is hoping to join the tweeting ranks: the FDA.  They are hoping drug and pharmaceutical companies will tweet the... Read more
@Everyword Tweets Every Word in Dictionary
There are all kinds of interesting accounts in the Twitter sphere (Twittersphere?) It seems everyone these days has a Twitter, from the President of the United States, to musicians, famous athletes, actors, and even the CIA of all organizations! While most of those are more serious accounts in nature,... Read more