While it is generally accepted that Google Chrome has taken the dominant position in the global browser market, it’s still amazing to see just how big the discrepancies between websites that record user browser preference are. So for example, if you head to Netmarket Share, it tells you that for April Internet Explorer had the market share with 57.88%, followed by Google Chrome with 17.92%, Firefox with 17% and Safari with 5.66%. If you then go to W3 Counter, you find that Internet Explorer has only 18%, with Google Chrome taking the lead with 37.1%.

Now I understand that maybe they have different ways of calculating the stats but really, should the results be so very different? So I thought the best way of finding out what the most popular browser is, was to ask you guys. From the choice below, tell me which browser you like using and if you have the time, tell me why in the comments section.