Samsung is preparing to make its traditional announcement at IFA 2014. After three years of Galaxy Note releases, it is almost certain that we will see the fourth iteration of Samsung’s phablet lineup at the event in Berlin, alongside some more devices from other Android OEMs.

The event should start on September 3 and Samsung will be out of the gate before Sony, who has a rather large press conference. Samsung’s main topic will be the Galaxy Note 4, coming in a new design with some of the best specs on the market, to keep the high-end buyers entertained.

galaxy note 4

Galaxy Note 4

Early reports on the Galaxy Note 4 claim it will be the first device made of metal from Samsung, moving away from the plastic design. Samsung recently got rid of their lead designer, after the Galaxy S5 failed to impress.

New sensors will be added to the Galaxy Note 4, including a UV detector and fingerprint sensor. We expect the heart-rate sensor will also be added on the back of the Note 4. Samsung might add more tracking sensors for their S Health app, considering Google and Apple’s new interest.

Gear VR

The Galaxy Note 4 will not be the only device on show at the Samsung event, we will finally get our first look at the Gear VR. The new VR device looks to take a Galaxy smartphone and display mobile games through the headset, Samsung will be adding an app for developers to create “experiences” on the VR device.

This is a move to combat the growing excitement in virtual reality, spurred on by Oculus and Sony. Both VR devices are looking into the gaming world, but perhaps with Samsung the “experiences” could be simply walking on a beach, instead of playing a video game.

Galaxy Alpha

The Galaxy Alpha is a very interesting device, the 4.7-inch smartphone looks to be a rival to the iPhone 6 coming later this year. We are unsure if Samsung will announce the device at IFA 2014, considering the main showpiece will be the Galaxy Note 4.

Samsung could get into a lot of trouble for the Galaxy Alpha, while there are differences, the similarities between the Alpha and the alleged iPhone 6 come all too often. Hopefully, Samsung will show us something original, and not just a copy of the iPhone 6.

[Image via Galaxy Note 4 Update]