Samsung is nearing the launch of the Galaxy Alpha, the new high-end smartphone sitting just under the Galaxy S5. Rumors say it will arrive at the same time as the Galaxy Note 4, at IFA 2014, but others believe the smartphone will be announced before the event in Berlin.

Whatever the case, the Galaxy Alpha has been leaked enough times to get a good look at the design. If anyone thought Samsung was moving away from the Apple-like design, they were sadly wrong, with the Galaxy Alpha looking an awful lot like the iPhone 5S.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The metal accents look strikingly similar to the iPhone 5S, thankfully the front and the back make up for it. The camera is placed in the center, instead of the on the left like on the iPhone 5S. Samsung has also done a good job of trimming the bezels on the front of the device.

Samsung will add the same physical home button, alongside two capacitive keys, on the front of the Galaxy Alpha. The phone will not feature a fingerprint sensor like the Galaxy S5, nor will we see the heart-rate sensor on the back of the device.

Specifications peg the Galaxy Alpha a bit below the power of the Galaxy S5. The 1280 x 720 resolution display is not the best, although for a mid-range price we could see it working. The Galaxy Alpha does feature a 12MP camera and Exynos 5433, one of the most powerful chips on the market.

If Samsung manages to drop the price of the Galaxy Alpha down to something reasonable, we could see this being a contender for one of the best phones on the market. The design certainly steps up from the Galaxy S5 and the only downside appears to be the 720p display.

[Image via Weibo]