While much of the focus towards Apple lately has been geared towards its rumored Apple TV, the company may first roll out an Apple Bluetooth Smart Watch. A new rumor from Chinese gadget news site Tech.163 suggests that the watch is already being designed and that Intel is working alongside Apple to create the device.

According to the rumor the Apple Smart Watch will feature a 1.5-inch PMOLED display that will be made by RiTDisplays. Tech.163 also suggests that the device will feature ITO-coated glass.

While Apple has never developed a watch of its own, its iPod nano has been paired with a wrist band to give it the full appeal of a functioning watch.

Apple Bluetooth Smart Watch

Developers have showed increasing interest in smart watches, for example the Pebble Smart Watch that showed up on Kickstarter and worked with both iOS and Android connected devices and the Sony Smart Watch which recently debuted.

In the past Bluetooth based watches offered basic functionality such as caller ID, contact lists, etc. Apple would likely attempt to bring more of its iOS interface into the fold, allowing for watch based navigation and other features.

At this time the rumor is unconfirmed. We already known that Apple has been investigating Google type glasses and the company tends to follow the crowd, attempting to build a better product based on already available technologies. Should the Smart Watch market prove even relatively successful in 2013 there is a good chance the watch will debut.

With low-power Bluetooth 4.0 making wearable technology easier to manage there is a good chance that Apple, Google, Microsoft and other tech companies will begin to further explore the wearable tech sector. The real question is whether or not buyers actually want to wear their tech in a non-traditional way.

Would you buy and use an Apple Bluetooth Smart Watch?

[Image via CNet]