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Owning a business is ideal for so many Americans. Working the hours you choose and being your own boss sounds great, right? But in... Why Small Businesses Must Stay Mobile

Owning a business is ideal for so many Americans. Working the hours you choose and being your own boss sounds great, right? But in today’s economy, so many small businesses struggle to compete with superstores and large corporations. The amount of work and organization it takes to run a company may be overwhelming to a business owner. Luckily, with today’s technology, there are now vast amounts of business tools, literally, at hand. Mobile apps are ever changing and improving. The options of applications designed for the small business owner are now quite numerous, and exceedingly useful.


We all know that being able to communicate to employees and consumers is of great importance when running a business.  You may be familiar with some of the communication apps, such as Skype and Viber, but there are also apps for conference calls such as CrowdCall, sending group text messages with GroupMe, and even apps for holding online meetings and creating business presentations with SlideRocket, complete with charts and graphs.


Other apps are geared toward business information, including applications for taking notes such as Evernote and dictation, tracking time, managing finance and payroll, recording payments, creating customer loyalty programs and even apps like CardFila that will scan and file that huge stack of business cards in your bulging wallet. Does your business require a lot of travel? It can be difficult enough to stay organized while just sitting behind your desk. But don’t worry. As you know, they have apps for that too. By utilizing a range of apps, from flight and hotel finders, travel organizers, and airport guides, to live flight status checkers, taxi finders and reading apps for the plane ride, you are sure to have a smooth and more successful trip. For selling products, your company could benefit from several apps designed for various tasks such as sending invoices, tracking receipts, displaying goods through photos, and swiping credit cards right into your phone with Square.

Even if you are a small business that provides local service without an online presence, you can still benefit from many online applications to save you time and money and allow you to focus on growing your business.

In this fast paced, technology-based society, it can be difficult to keep up. But regardless of your company’s needs, you are sure to find an application (or ten), that will help you generate business and improve relationships with your employees and customers.

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