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Google has thought of a customizable new way for its users to keep up with what’s going on in the world. While the site... Customize Your News with Google’s New App

Google has thought of a customizable new way for its users to keep up with what’s going on in the world. While the site is complex and extensive, it’s very easy to use, and quite simply named, News. The app is Free on Google+ via Android.AppStore.

Customize Your News with Google’s New App

Once you’ve launched the app, News will first display its top stories by providing headlines and photos accompanied by a small bit of the article which will link you to its original news site. The app will also give you several options for other related articles in it’s expandable story boxes. The story box is a button with a down arrow on it, which will provide you with all sides of the story from multiple sources.

Located on the left of the screen under the Top Stories are several more individual news feeds. These feeds cover all kinds of news topics like World, U.S. Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Science and Health and also a personally local tab naming the users home state.

Personalize your News

As if these option aren’t sufficient, Google News has made its site extremely customizable. First of all, if the preset news topics are not your preference, News also offers an advanced search, under the personalize you news tool button, for more specific news coverage. Some of these advanced settings include Space, Social Networking, Video Games, Alternative Energy, and Global Trade. If you feel that News has still left something out, it hasn’t. Simply type your chosen topic into the advanced search bar and google will not only give you a few articles, but will instantly give you an entire feed that runs up-to-date articles from multiple sources. If you are unhappy with the sources you are offered, you can customize that too. The preset options are New York Times, Fox News, CNN and Espn or you can type in different source.

Slide to adjust your settings

Also, you can adjust how much news you get from each source by moving a sliding bar that will add or subtract the amount of news you receive from that source.The sliding bar feature also applies to your preset and customized news feeds and will help News give you the best Top Stories for your taste. Lets say you only want a little world news, but enjoy reading sports the most. Just slide your bar up and down to create your perfect News.

Another feature worth mentioning allows you to choose different layouts for the page, such as modern, classic, headlines, and compact. News also has a special feature for tablet users that allows you to turn your device and read it in a two column newspaper style layout.

Though Google is still searching for more news sources to complete its news feed site, it already has endless options and is a great way to organize, personalize and of course read your favorite news.

[Image via lifehacker]