The latest version of God of War is now available for pre-order and is expected to reach retail shelves on March 12th. God of War: Ascension, created by Santa Monica’s Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment, will be available exclusively on PS3 and PS Vita.

God of War: Ascension Coming Soon

The Game Intro

Ascension serves as a prequel to the entire GOW mythology series. This third-person action/adventure game is a spectacular hack and slash thriller that starts with a drama-filled cinematic. The striking theatrics let you see a human side of Kratos as you look into his mythological past and experience the struggle of his imprisonment and the details of his past sins.


Similar to the previous God of War games, Ascension is still focused on combo-based combat and playable in single player mode as before. However, this newest version has also incorporated a multiplayer mode which will allow up to 8 players to either team up or play solo. Teams or individuals will fight competitively to take control of the map for godly rewards.


Sony has prepared some pre- order sets that are now available. The Champions Pack includes the Mythological Heroes Multiplayer DLC Pack, King Leonidas “300” armor and spear multiplayer DLC. The gamers will also receive a 22”x28” double sided God of War: Ascension Poster, and will generate additional XP (experience points) for the first 48 hours of real time play.
For the God of War junkies, or perhaps for those who are looking into buying a new console, you can now also Pre-order the Legacy Bundle. This bundle includes the new Ascension game along with all of the God of War I through III, GOW; Chains of Olympus, and the Ghost of Sparta. Also included in the Legacy Bundle is the garnet red PS3 equipped with an enormous 500bg hard drive.

[Image via hdwallpapers]