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It’s cool to be a geek these days, to the outrage of those who hold a “geekier than thou” stance. I suppose we can... The Internship: Life As a Google Intern

It’s cool to be a geek these days, to the outrage of those who hold a “geekier than thou” stance. I suppose we can thank the likes of Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs for this trend, but even if you do not like how mainstream geekiness has become, there is no doubt that the life stories of geeks with a celebrity status can prove to be an entertaining topic. There’s also the fact that humans tend to vicariously live their lives through movies, so it is not that surprising that tech documentaries/movies are receiving a good bit of attention.

The Internship: Coming Soon To A Screen Near You

This year, one of the most hyped tech movies is The Internship, the story of two salesmen who somehow manage to find their way to internships at Google. It’s the modern techie’s dream, isn’t it?

Starring well known comedians Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, The Internship is obviously going to be dotted with humor and hilarity. I don’t know if you’ve seen The Wedding Crashers, but the duo does have a chemistry on screen, and not of the romantic kind. While their brand of humor may not be appreciated by everyone, this partnership combined with the topic should prove to be a good watch.

And if you’re wondering what Google thinks about all this, well, it seems that the movie has gotten backing. The cast was even given a tour of the headquarters at Mountain View, to the delight of the actors. Lucky gits!

Director Shawn Levy has nothing but praise for Google’s attitude, saying “It’s been a really interesting partnership in my production and Google where… it’s not like I have to do everything they want in the script, it’s very much still a comedy and a narrative, but trying to get the culture of Google right has been a big part of the work we have done.”

So it’s official. We’re going to see The Internship in June. Whether it’s for the comedy or the Google culture, this is one movie I’m going to watch out for. Watch the trailer for a sneak peek.

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