As the May 21 big reveal of Microsoft’s next generation Xbox console is drawing near, more and more rumors about what the console can or cannot do are flooding the Internet. The latest reports suggest that the Xbox 360 successor will be called Xbox Infinity and will have video-capture capabilities, like a DVR.

None of the rumors has been confirmed or denied by Microsoft, which has kept mum on any details of the new console, even in the face of mounting criticism over its alleged always-on requirements.

Next Xbox May Have Video Capture Capabilities

Sources told Polygon that the new console will have the capacity to capture video much like its main rival, PlayStation 4, always set to be released this year. The players will be able to record a video of their gameplay and then share it with their friends via social networks.  But just like with a DVR, users will be able to review the footage and pick out the pieces they want to share.

The sources also addressed criticism surrounding the rumored always-on requirement. They said the decision to require a constant Internet connection will be left to game publishers and insisted the feature is designed to support non-gaming applications and act as an anti-piracy measure.

Another change the next Xbox may bring about has to do with the Achievement system. The next generation console will allow game developers to add more achievements without requiring users to download any additional content after the launch.

Meanwhile, an image discovered by Twitter and Reddit users suggests that Microsoft’s next console, which was dubbed Xbox 720 and has the code name Durango, could in fact be called Xbox Infinity. The image shows the Xbox logo and the infinity symbol, with the text: “Infinite entertainment. Infinite possibilities,” but it is yet unclear if it is authentic or not. Other sources suggest the next Microsoft console could be called simply Xbox. Which name would you prefer?

[Image via The Verge]