There is no doubt that Google is the biggest name in the world of online search. Additionally, no one can deny that Google has made a lot of progress in niches other than search. While Google Glass can do search, it also is being touted as the next big thing that will revolutionize the way we see tech. And things are only beginning.

Is Google Taking On The Gaming Scene?

But is Google also looking to own the gaming scene?

The rumors stem from the fact that the search engine giant has somehow taken on the services of Noah Falstein, who is now the “Chief Game Designer at Google“. Since when did Google need a Chief Game Designer? Well, maybe since now?

For many an average person, the name Noah Falstein may not mean anything, but here are a few items on his list of credentials that should support the idea that Google is going to enter the gaming scene:

  • Lecturer at Games Connection Masterclasses
  • Executive Producer at Dreamworks Interactive
  • President at NF Interactive (Sole Proprietorship)
  • Producer at The 3DO Company
  • Project Leader/Assistant Creative Director at LucasArts Entertainment

Dreamworks and LucasArts need no introduction, but if you were a PC gamer back in the late 90s and early 2000s, you might know of this little game called “Heroes of Might and Magic“. Respect.

Falstein is also the owner of The Inspiracy, “the source of expert game design services”.

According to TechCrunch, an earlier version of Falstein’s LinkedIn profile shows his position as “Chief Game Designer at Android Play Studio”. If this is his official designation, then it’s rather obvious that Google is going to continue with its Android games efforts. On the other hand, there is Google Glass (again). It does not take a lot of imagination to envision just how awesome games can be on the device.

While specific details are rather scant at this point, it is safe to assume that the gaming scene will feel Google’s presence even more in the months to come.

[Image via geeky-gadgets]