A Samsung Galaxy S3 is believed to have burst into flames and the results were shared by a Reddit user through several photos.

According to the Reddit user the Galaxy S III started to smoke as its battery began inflating. Damage started with melted and burning plastic but quickly caused more damage by burning the owner’s finger and then burning a hole in their foam pillow mattress.

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The Galaxy S 3 reportedly began faulting after being plugged into a Samsung charger for approximately one hour.

The Samsung victim writes that the phone exhibited a “loud noise and a weird squeaking sound” at it was resting on the table next to them as they slept.

The user attempting to put out the flame  threw a glass of water on the burning plastic, only to receive a burn on their finger.

Samsung Galaxy S IIII Burning

The remnants of the Galaxy S3 battery


According to comments made after the original posting, the phone is a stock device that did not have any after-market modifications. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was also free of accessories that could have caused overheating issues.

The customer is going pretty easy on Samsung, simply asking that the company replace his beloved smartphone and the mattress that was ruined during the Samsung Galaxy S3 fire.

Samsung Galaxy S III

This isn’t the first time that Samsung has suffered through a burned up smartphone. In February a man in South Korea (Samsung’s home country) suffered a second-degree burn to his right thigh. That fire was caused by a faulty Samsung Galaxy Note which ruptured in the mans pocket and then caught fire.

A Galaxy S3 in Ireland also caught fire in June 2012. During the June fire the phone caused sparks and a white flame to appear, they were then followed by an explosion. The phone in Ireland was later found to have burnt up because the man laughably attempted to dry it inside his microwave.

[Images via Reddit & phandroid]