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A great number of people have been complaining on online forums, about how many bugs there are in the Beta version of iOS 7?... iOS 7 Beta Bugs Found Everywhere

A great number of people have been complaining on online forums, about how many bugs there are in the Beta version of iOS 7? This may seem a little redundant as Beta software is prone to bugs, that’s the very nature of the beast.  Which is why we beg the question; why are people complaining about bugs? More to the point, who are the people complaining? The answer to the second question will clue us in about the first! These people are not developers, in fact, they are not supposed to even see iOS 7 until the public release this coming autumn!


Non-developers shouldn’t be installing iOS Beta.

Apple’s Beta software is exactly that, Beta. I’ve installed and run a Beta version of iOS once and I can tell you it is not a smooth experience, unlike the finished product.  The device crashes, apps don’t and won’t work and generally it’s a pretty miserable time until the public release is given out.

If you’re used to the usually rock-solid performance of iOS, running a developer Beta on your device is a sneak peek into something that you are not yet ready for, rocky ground!

What Apple calls “Beta” is what most other developers would call “Alpha” never intended for use by the general public, released only to small numbers of professional software developers for  testing purposes only.

The iOS x.0 public release software is a stable platform when released, but that’s only because it’s been tried and tested fully by then.

iOS Beta’s themselves are prone to be unstable, sometimes this goes beyond app crashes and general instability, sometimes, iOS beta’s can be so bug-riddled that the basic core functionality of the device simply doesn’t work at all.

Developers know and understand these pitfalls of Beta software. Non-developers don’t, so support forums become inundated with messages from confused users wondering why their formally reliable device is suddenly crashing every time they try to load an app.

So, it seems that some non-developers are curious about trying out the new features in iOS 7, I mean who wouldn’t be? especially since it’s such a monumental design change from iOS 6.  But, running an iOS Beta release on your hardware if you are not a developer is not going to make your life any easier, you will just end up with a headache, a long drawn out headache, lasting for about 3 months.

The upshot of this is: if you are a non-developer, please be patient and wait, it’s helpful to all parties involved.

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