Oracle has announced the release of a bumper update package for Java and has advised customers to patch the software as soon as possible “due to the threat posed by a successful attack”.

The update fixes 51 different security bugs in Java. About a dozen of these bugs were so serious that attackers were able to remotely take control of a compromised system.

Java Update

The programming language Java has become popular because when software is written with it, it can easily be made to run on various types of computer. Howver this has its drawbacks as it has also become one of the most popular targets for cyber-thieves and malware writers who are trying to hack home computers.

Qualys security expert Wolfgang Kandek said in a blogpost that twelve of the bugs addressed in Java were ranked top of a severity table of security weaknesses in software. He explained that if exploited, these bugs could allow hackers to bypass ID controls and take over a target system.

Security expert Brian Krebs said it was well worth people taking the time to install this new update package and even suggested that those who do not need to run the software disable it completely.

“This widely installed and powerful program is riddled with security holes, and is a top target of malware writers and miscreants,” he wrote.

The update can be accessed via the Java website.

[Image via Voice Of Grey Hat]