Recently, Twitter announced a partnership with Americas number one pay TV broadcasting company, Comcast which they hope to propel the world of Social TV. With a new ‘See It’ feature on Twitter, Twitter users will be able to view or record their favorite TV shows.

See It

Comcast would like the ‘See It’ button to become as commonplace and natural on Twitter as the ‘Like’ button is on Facebook.

'See It' Feature Lets You Watch Your Favorite TV Show Via Twitter

The idea is really quite simple. As millions of Twitter users like to talk about their favorite shows, who’s on them and what’s happening before, during and after the show has been aired, Comcast and Twitter have looked at a way to maximize on the marketing opportunity.

A user will come across a Tweet about a particular show they like (most likely through the hashtag function). If the show is on a Comcast owned channel such as NBC, then the ‘See It’ button will be present in the post. By clicking on the button, users will be able to watch the show live on their TV or device. If the show has already been broadcast then users are able to watch an On Demand version. Alternatively, the user will be able to set their DVR to record the episode in question to watch at their leisure later on.

What’s In It For Them?

Comcast seem to be reacting to a very real threat that is streaming channels such as Netflix which allows its subscribers to stream programs online for minimal cost.

Twitter have stated openly in the past that they would like to expand their Television broadcasting contacts.

Both organizations will essentially be opening themselves up to the other side of the advertising coin. Twitter will be able to delve into the lucrative world of TV advertising a little more while Comcast will be able to enjoy some of the same perks from being more socially active. Not to mention the fact that they may be able to even the odds between other competitors in the social TV field.

The ‘See It’ feature should be rolled out in November for Infinity TV customers.

[Image via iDownload Blog]