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Amazon is now in the process of creating a new Kindle Paperwhite for release in the second quarter in 2014.  Amazon’s device will have... New Kindle Paperwhite Has 300ppi

Amazon is now in the process of creating a new Kindle Paperwhite for release in the second quarter in 2014.  Amazon’s device will have a high-resolution 300ppi screen which will bring it back into competition with other e-reader devices like Kobo.

New Kindle Paperwhite

The Paperwhite will also host some exciting hardware improvements. The front screen will sit flush with the edges of the e-reader, rather than indented; and is constructed out of matte glass, as opposed to plastic.  Although they have progressed to glass, the new device is still said to be lighter than the original.

The current Amazon Kindle Paperwhite gave prominence to a 212 ppi screen which could not compete with the Kobo Aura HD. The company that fabricates the screens for Amazon and Kobo gave Kobo a high resolution 265 ppi screen first.  Rumour has it that Amazon was understandably annoyed when Kobo conveyed the Aura HD with higher resolution screens than Amazon’s Paperwhite would have.

However, the 300 ppi Paperwhite, Ice Wine as it is code-named, will surpass Kobo’s limited edition e-reader and put a high-resolution screen on Amazon’s device. There have not been any rumours as to software betterments but the device itself will be up-scaled to enhance the new resolution screens.

On the other hand, Kindle users will be pleased with the new custom-built font that will make reading easier and more pleasurable.  Kindle have never been strong on typography and even though several fonts were added to the last edition, they were not overly popular with users. There are also rumours that Amazon is working on allowing books to be read with hyphenation to avoid awkward right hand margins, though these changes may not appear on the new version.

The Kindle will also sport new ‘squeezable’ buttons on the side rather than ‘split’ buttons found on previous versions.  This should allow readers to change pages without having to tap on the ‘next page’ icon on the screen.  The new Kindle will also host a rear power button that will look like the one found on Kindle Fire tablet computers.

The new Kindle Paperwhite will also be able to sense the light in the room and take readings through this light sensor.  It will then be able to balance the screen brightness to create optimal clarity on the screen. The sensor works similar to the human eye in that it gradually changes the brightness in likeness to the way a person’s pupil widens, so as not to create jarring transitions.

We are still a few months from the new release so who knows what changes may occur before their debut.  We will just have to wait and see!

[Image via: digitaltrends]