Who doesn’t like a good dream? Dreams are great – except, of course, when they turn into nightmares that freak you out. We really have no control over our dreams or how often we dream, though it seems like if I eat something with pasta sauce for dinner I always have crazy dreams when I finally fall asleep. I’ve had dreams where I’ve never wanted to wake up, and I’ve had dreams where the alarm clock couldn’t ring soon enough. Dreams can be great, there’s no doubt about it – but what if there was a way to somehow enhance our dreaming experiences? What if our dreams could help us better prepare for our real lives? It’s been known for years that lucid dreaming (when you’re fully aware that you’re dreaming) helps people prepare for real-world situations, but until now we’ve had no control over our dreams.

That’s all changing thanks to the Aurora headband.

Aurora Headband Gives You Control Over Your Dreams

Improve Your Life By Improving Your Dreams

The Aurora headband measures your brainwave activity, body activity, and eye movements to monitor your sleep cycles. Most dreaming happens during the REM stage of sleep, and when the Aurora detects that you are entering REM, that’s when it gets to work. Using specialized lights and sounds that come from within the headband itself, the Aurora lets you know when you are dreaming. Best of all – you can program certain sounds and lights to integrate into your dreams. Want to go to the ocean? Don’t forget to program the sound of waves into your dream! The Aurora links to a smartphone app known as iWinks that allows you to program the sounds you’d like in your dreams.

When you realize you’re dreaming – you realize that you can do anything in your dream – and there won’t be any real-world consequences. You can attempt things in dreams that frighten you in the real world, thereby helping you conquer your fears when the time comes.

The Aurora headband does more than help you control your dreams, though. It’s also a smart alarm clock that wakes you up at the optimum time so you feel perfectly rested.

You can read more about the Aurora headband on their Kickstarter page.

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SOURCE: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iwinks/the-aurora-dream-enhancing-headband