There have been previous reports of iPhones causing death due to battery charging issues but the latest story comes from a 14-year old school girl, whose iPhone 5c set on fire in her pocket.

The Morning Sentinel reports how the school girl from Kennebunk, Maine had to be treated for second-degree burns after her iPhone 5c caught fire in her pocket. According to the report, both she and her friends heard a popping sound from the Apple device that she had been given only two months previous.

iPhone 5c fire damage

“Immediately, smoke starts billowing from around the student,” said Jeff Rodman, principal of the Middle School of the Kennebunks. “She knew right away something was wrong and, in a panic, knew her pants were on fire caused by the cellphone.”

The girl sensibly dropped to the floor and rolled in an attempt to put the fire out. In the process the iPhone 5c fell from her pocket. She was helped by classmates and her teacher in removing the clothes which were still on fire.

There has been no confirmation on what exactly caused the phone to ignite but it is known that the lithium-batteries used in iPhones can have a fault, which can lead to fire but only in very rare and extreme cases.

[Image via dailydot]