When it comes to tablets, you are absolutely spoilt for choice. Even if you are on a tight budget, there are plenty of options for you but it’s important to bear in mind that for under $350 (or £200), the choice is narrowed and you are certainly not going to get anything near the quality of an iPad Air for instance.

However, there are some great options so you should be able to get a tablet that suits you and your budget. What’s key is to get the best specs you can for the money, i.e. storage, screen size, pixel density, processor power and battery life. Here are our pick of the top 8 budget tablets; they are all based on a budget of just over $300 or under (that’s £200 or under).


8. Asus MeMo Pad 8

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This 8-inch tablet is the same brand that was behind the Nexus 7. It is well-built and reasonably fast, with 16GB, which can be boosted to 64GB with a microSD. If you are looking for a straight forward device then this could be the right one for you. However it is no where near as good as the Nexus 7 and is not ideal if you want to watch videos.