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Anyone who has ever used Firefox or Chrome should find themselves instantly at home with the Slimjet web browser. The key philosophy behind the... Slimjet – The Versatile Chrome-Like Web Browser With Privacy And Potential

Anyone who has ever used Firefox or Chrome should find themselves instantly at home with the Slimjet web browser.

The key philosophy behind the design of Slimjet is about protecting and guaranteeing the privacy of its users but still being able to provide a fast and user friendly browsing experience.Like all major browsers of note, Slimjet is also free.

Slimjet, like Chrome and Firefox, is based on Chromium and utilises the Blink engine. A key highlight of Slimjet is that it comes fully loaded with an integrated ad-blocker. After using Slimjet for a number of days, we didn’t seen any adverts anyway, so we can report that that aspect of the browser does work, and works well.

We review Slimjet – The Versatile Chrome Like Web Browser With Privacy And Potential

Slimjet integratesa bunch of powerful and convenient features to enhance your browsing.

Data privacy

Unlike Chrome, it doesn’t send any usage data back to Google, which is always nice. As a caveat to that last comment however, it does seem like that usage data is sent back to FlashPeak instead. But then that’s also true of most browsers, so we don’t judge them for that. They have to make money somehow.

It does look good.

But Slimjet also has a raft of other nice features that may entice anyone looking to try something different from the likes of Chrome.

For a start Slimjet is light on system resources, and should run quite happily on almost every system going, regardless of specs or age. We had to open around 15 tabs before we noticed a degradation in performance, and that compares favourably with both Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

Nice UI

The interface is also very nice and has a lot of customisable options. The default first page is somewhat reminiscent of the above mentioned Opera, and that’s a good thing, because the Speed Dial page on Opera is brilliant. In fairness to Opera, Slimjet’s offering isn’t quite as smooth or as polished, but given the fact that it does offer more customisation, it can be forgiven for that.

As many tiles as you want!

Users can choose their own search engine in the search engine box and also how many web tiles they wont to appear. The interface may seem a little Spartan to begin with, but a quick look into Settings allows for a somewhat impressive array of extra buttons and utilities that can be added (and removed) easily and quickly. The key highlight of Slimjet has to be the large number of these extra utilities that come built into the browser.

In this regard, Slimjet truly excels. Users can download video directly from sites such as YouTube and comes with its own built in converter for different media formats. It also comes with a one-click-share Facebook integration module, which is really handy. Crucially however, Slimjet also supports Google browser extensions, so you can download extra extensions from the Google Web Store.


Overall, we think that Slimjet is a system reource light browser that is a highly accessible, very versatile little broswer that offers a lot of nice little touches. We commend it for its speed, ad-blocking capabiliies, and performance.

Try it for yourself! Download the latest version of the Slimjet web browser now for free, here on FileHippo.