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We review Comodo Dragon browser – a solid choice for increased online security and privacy. Comodo’s Dragon browser is a free internet browser based... Comodo Dragon Internet Browser: Fast, Versatile, Secure.

We review Comodo Dragon browser – a solid choice for increased online security and privacy.

Comodo’s Dragon browser is a free internet browser based on exactly the same Chromium browser engine that Chrome uses. New users therefore should feel right at home instantly, especially if they’ve ever used pretty much any other browser in the last 15 years or so.  But Dragon has a lot more going for it than just being another Chrome clone. In fact calling it a clone does Comodo a disservice.

We review Comodo Dragon browser - a solid choice for increased online security and privacy.

Comodo Dragon Browser. Fast, secure, and private.

So why should I use Dragon? 

The Dragon browser is first of all fast and free. You can also most Chrome extensions and add-ons without any fuss. Dragon also lets you log into your Google account. So as well as having extra security features, you can use it in almost exactly the same way as Chrome, and be just as productive.

What’s the difference between Comodo Dragon and Comodo Ice Dragon?

A real Comodo Dragon is neither based upon Chromium or Firefox, and is surprisingly fast. It’s claws and fangs also help ensure privacy and personal security, but not on the internet.

It’s a good question. The answer is that there isn’t a huge difference between them, if any, in real terms. They are both internet browsers, and they both do the same thing. Comodo actually offers two free browsers. Dragon (this one) is as we mentioned, built on the Chrome engine. But the company also offer Ice Dragon as well, which is loosely based on the Firefox engine.

In terms of actual usability, there’s no real difference, other than the fact that both maintain compatibility with things like stored passwords, add-ons and extensions, without causing headaches.

That’s that sorted, back to Dragon. What’s so great about it?

Where Dragon becomes markedly different from other browsers though is in the level of security it offers without any input from its users.

One of the unique features is the included access to Comodo’s Secured DNS server network, which as well as enhancing privacy and on many websites and considerably faster browsing in some cases, also acts as a kind of ‘proxy’ firewall, and also serves as a low-level Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is nice, especially for users wanting to bypass their own Internet supplier’s infrastructure.

We particularly like the Web Inspector, which lets you scan any URL you want to visit and see if the site contains malware before you go there. It’s a small but welcome little addition.

Comodo’s PrivDog browser extension also forms a really strong online privacy function by automatically blocking advertising networks which are attempting to track your activity. While of course you can add all of the above features to both Chrome and Firefox yourself, it’s nice to find them as standard on a browser.

As you would also expect from a ‘secure’ browser, Dragon also includes modes for Private browsing, and also the ever handy Incognito mode for those people wanting to… buy Christmas and birthday presents for their other half…ahem. Both modes also further improve privacy by preventing cookies and blocking download tracking from being stored during browsing sessions.

Ok, that’s great, so is it good enough to replace my current browser?

Yes, absolutely. Dragon should definitely appeal to privacy and security junkies, first and foremost. But it’s also a solid and fast browser for anyone wanting that little bit of extra security and peace of mind when they are online. 

And of course, you can download and try both here completely free from