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Microsoft Puts Itself In Debt To Buy LinkedIn For $26.2bn
Despite cutting their losses in the smartphone market and trying to spin off 2014 acquisition Nokia into the night, Microsoft has announced it is now buying the business focussed social networking site, LinkedIn, for a massive $26.2 billion. The deal will be Microsoft’s biggest ever purchase and is Chief... Read more
BSA Global Software Survey: Companies Can Do Better
The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has published the results of its 2015 Global Software Survey. While not surprising, the report does make for some very interesting reading. Carried out across more than 110 national and regional economies, from Kenya to the US, and from China to the EU, and... Read more
Project Management Software Trello Crowdsources Its Way To 20 Languages
Project management software, Trello, has now gone that bit more global by officially announcing it is now available for use in 20 languages around the world. You could be mistaken when you look at the official Trello Blog post for thinking the real news is that their cartoon husky Taco... Read more
Organise Anything With Anyone With Project Management Software Trello
So, the humble Trello is this week’s featured project management software, and why not. It’s way past due. Unfortunately, it’s going to be tough for me to be even remotely impartial with this one, because Trello pretty much is my work bible. I mean, it literally organises my work... Read more
Asana Raises $50M In Latest Investment Round
One of the best innovations in the connected internet revolution has got to be the way that companies can tap into the greatest workforce possible, regardless of geography. Telecommuting is allowing even the smallest startup to reach team members literally anywhere around the planet, giving them a manpower edge... Read more
France fines Google over ‘right to be forgotten’   
The French data protection authority, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertes (CNIL), has said it has fined Alphabet subsidiary, Google, €100,000 for failing to scrub search results widely enough to comply with an EU privacy ruling. The US based tech firm has been in a long running... Read more
Xero Accounting Software Leads The Cloud
One of the hardest aspects of running a business of any size is the accounting and bookkeeping. That difficulty is only compounded when the company isn’t large enough to add an accounting department, but instead is trying to juggle balancing the books and sending off the checks while at... Read more
Mastermind behind $55 Million Bank Hack Pleads Guilty In US Court
Ercan Findikoglu, the Turkish born bank hacker allegedly behind the theft of millions of dollars has pleaded guilty in a US court, and could now face a jail term of more than fifty years. Between 2010 and 2013 the man is believed to have coordinated three advanced cybercrime campaigns... Read more
Wrike Web App Leads The Field In Productivity
The internet has done great things for the world as a whole, not the least of which is the way it’s enabled huge changes in distance collaboration. Whether it’s working with a top-notch design team across the country, or learning from one of the best professors in your field... Read more
Datadog: Cloud Monitoring That Works
What is Datadog? Essentially, Datadog is a Software-as-a-service solution that serves as focal hub that builds business metrics about you and your business based on information gathered from all your data points. It then displays this information via rather nice graphs, charts and easy to understand rolling timelines. Datadog... Read more
Alphabet (Google) Becomes World’s Richest Company
Alphabet, the parent company of Google (ahem) has surprised many industry commentators by becoming the world’s most valuable company after a report has revealed its latest earnings. According to the report, Alphabet made a profit of $4.9bn for the fourth quarter of last year, and Alphabet is now worth $568... Read more
200 Wikipedia Editors Back Vote Of No Confidence
Nearly 200 Wikipedia editors have taken an unheard of move and have called for a new member of the Wikimedia Foundation board of directors to be tossed out, by publicly backing a vote of no confidence in the new trustee. With so many Wikipedia editors disgruntled at the apparent lack of foresight... Read more
Organized Criminals Now Have Productivity Software
Don’t you just hate it when your crime spree numbers are down due to lack of organization among your team members? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a desktop application or mobile app to help streamline your productivity when it comes to hurting others and destroying lives? If... Read more
IBM Unveils Dynamic Pricing To Help Retailers Adjust Prices Intelligently
IBM, the 114-year-old American multinational technology company, has introduced a new cloud service called ‘Dynamic Pricing,’ aimed at ensuring retailers are selling their products at the most competitive rate going. The idea of Dynamic Pricing is a deceptively simple concept.  IBM’s new cloud service is designed to give retailers... Read more Now Hosting Project Management Software
We thought we might try something a bit different this year and kick off 2016 with a new addition to our site: Project Management Software. As of right now, we are trialing our new Web Apps section to see what our users make of it. So far, the response and... Read more
IRS Looks To Software To Prevent Tax Refund Fraud
The US government has a tremendous problem in its tax system–what government doesn’t–but this isn’t just about wasteful spending or tax laws that impact the working poor. Instead, it’s a fraud problem that the Internal Revenue Service openly admits is horrendous, but also admits it has been nearly powerless... Read more
Amazon Opens Amazon Books in Seattle
In a new chapter, and a surprising turn up for the books, Amazon have opened up its own new bookstore in Seattle. The books available for sale will retail for the exact same price as they do online, Shelf space for books will be given based on sales, pre-orders,... Read more
Avira Takes Freemium.Com To Court
MUNICH, Germany (October 29, 2015) Avira, the world renowned antivirus and anti-malware tech giant, is taking to court for allegedly “…confusing users into installing unwanted programs that can compromise users’ privacy or weaken their computer’s security.” In a move widely being reported as the first of its kind,... Read more